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Monday, October 22, 2012

Yellow Sunflowers
We are only at the beginning of another season, and already I miss seeing flowers blooming. Our hot weather was just too short when I looked back. Half of the time it wasn't hot, but wet, cold and gloomy. 

None of my sunflowers grew taller than me this year, but I had one plant against all odd, the photo in the middle, had FIVE flowers on one stem! It was so heavy that I had to use a tomato cage to aid its weight.

Winter will soon be here, bringing with it freezing temperature and snow. I am not ready for it or looking forward to it. Can we pull it back to summer, to early fall, or to spring? Can we just say: "wait" or send the snow away?

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  1. we don't get very cold here and flowers don't stop blooming ( but not the wildflowers), wishing with you that there won't be a lot of snow there this year.

  2. What a lovely splash of colour!

  3. stunning collage. I love yellow flowers. I also love snow (sorry) although it's slippery (that part is scary). where I live we only have heavy showers and cold. I hope you get spots of blue sky between the snowish days. xxo

  4. Oh how I wish sunflowers were still in bloom here in Ontario!

  5. wow! 5 flowers in one stem! amazing! they are beautiful! wishing you less cold and less snow this coming winter. keep warm. :)


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