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Friday, October 19, 2012

A Huge Spider
I finally spotted the owner of this huge web in my garden, which I posted on Wandering Thought last month. He/she hid well among the cone-flowers and leaves and his web was quite strong to withstand many rain storms we were having.

The Belly Side of the Spider

It was a sunny and windy day when he finally showed up to repair his web, and I was at the right place, right time to see him at work. He finished his job swiftly and disappeared soon after.

The Remarkable Web
This was his web, still intact, still beautiful, still holding and still visible in the mid of October already. It is quite fascinating to see, to admire the intricate design, and to be amazed by this critter.

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  1. Gorgeous work, but spiders give me the willies. lol

  2. Wow - huge and so beautiful!

  3. Spiders make me nervous, but I admire their webs! Great photos!

  4. Fantastic pictures - showing that you can find beauty in the places where you least expect it - at the spider web!
    The light is making a very special glow around the spiders!

  5. Amazing shots of the creative spider web ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  6. great shots but a scary spider. too big. I'm glad you let her live in your garden. visiting from Your Sunday Best. I'm a follower :) happy weekend. xxo

  7. Great shots! From my own experience they are not always easy to capture!

  8. Beautiful shots but I don't like spiders. lol

  9. cool!! Great shot.

    Hope you have a great Sunday!

  10. Terrific shots, I hope you used a zoom, I couldn't get that close to it!

  11. Wow! That is quite the spider!

  12. Looks like the spider is glowing! I have some great web photos also. Very nice!

  13. How cool to get these macros -- love that last image!

  14. Awsome photo's...

    Well done!

    Have a 'good rest of the week'!

    Greets from NL,



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