Sedum In My World

This was some sort of sedum that grew in my front yard, late in the summer. It was now gone like everything else in my world right now. Most living things are on hiatus for the next few months. Luckily, I still have a hard drive full of photos to share :-) and it won't be a boring winter at all.

It will be another interesting year as the weather is on an odd side of normal at the moment. What is normal you might ask when it comes to weather? Nothing, I suppose, but I just know that it is so wet here these past few weeks. We barely have dried weather to do the clean up in our yard.

Enjoy your week..

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The Freakish Hungry Squirrel

Hanging Upside Down
I hung this feeder with a piece of stale bread for my birdies friend, but this squirrel claimed it for himself! He had no trouble wrapping his legs around that tiny branch and got to the food.

Sunflowers In My World

Yellow Sunflowers
We are only at the beginning of another season, and already I miss seeing flowers blooming. Our hot weather was just too short when I looked back. Half of the time it wasn't hot, but wet, cold and gloomy. 

None of my sunflowers grew taller than me this year, but I had one plant against all odd, the photo in the middle, had FIVE flowers on one stem! It was so heavy that I had to use a tomato cage to aid its weight.

Winter will soon be here, bringing with it freezing temperature and snow. I am not ready for it or looking forward to it. Can we pull it back to summer, to early fall, or to spring? Can we just say: "wait" or send the snow away?

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Garden Spider

A Huge Spider
I finally spotted the owner of this huge web in my garden, which I posted on Wandering Thought last month. He/she hid well among the cone-flowers and leaves and his web was quite strong to withstand many rain storms we were having.

Lavender Rose of Sharon In My World

Lavender Rose of Sharon
These are the lavender rose of Sharon in my world besides the white ones! They are all gone now as the weather has been cold, gloomy, and rainy. I caught the moon on clear nights when the need for fresh air called to me. They are not the best, but I like the color so I kept them.

It is getting rarer to see the moon at night now or to find flowers that are still blooming. Season changes, the earth changes, and we must adapt.

Do you know that squirrels love to eat these roses of Sharon? I watched them with my own eyes, and couldn't believe it. They nibbled on fresh young flowers and seemed to enjoyed eating them.

Wish you all a great new week!

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Golden Ladybug On Goldenrod

This goldenrod branch grew near my fence, and the lovely yellow demanded attention. Come with it a lovely surprise of a golden ladybug, (I think). If there were no black dots, I would not have seen it either, but I saw one without dots before.

Yellow Gladiolus In My World

Yellow Gladiolus
After the lavender gladiolus have come and gone, these beautiful yellow ones came. It had less flowers on its stalk, but the yellow was very rich, and like its sister, this stalk of yellow gladiolus was very wimpy. Lesson from nature you could say; that not all the healthy and strong stalks can beat the weak and small ones.

The intense colors in the sky was also amazing this week when it was not raining or cloudy. We are definitely in fall weather as all the flowers becoming brown and dying out. Not sure if I am ready to embrace the cold, but as life has it, we just have to keep moving forward. Have yourself a wonderful new week..

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Moth 2012

A Pretty Moth On Orange Zinnia
This is a moth, a tiny moth, I swear! It looks so much like a little skipper, or it could be a skipper, I am not sure since there are so many many different species and types of butterflies, moths and skippers.

Yahoo For Small Business

Yahoo--Promote Code YDMCALL
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Lavender Gladiolus In My World

Lavender Gladiolus
This is my first year planting gladiolus and out of 10 bulbs, five survived the hunger of squirrels. I have spent a bit of money investing in moth balls, but these little rascals just went around them, dug up, and ate the bulbs.

These beautiful lavender gladiolus made my heart sing with joy! Yes, five bulbs grew into tall stalks, and these lavender gladiolus were the first to bloom. They were so beautiful, and the amazing thing about this stalk of flowers was that it was not as strong or healthy at all compared to other stalks.

In fact, this stalk was growing on its side, wimpy, and small. The other three healthy, tallest, and bushy stalks didn't produce any flowers, but the wimpiest stalks did.

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