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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Darker Color Skipper
As I have mentioned in my Fiery Skipper post, this skipper has a much darker color to its body, but is is just as little as the other one. The darker color skipper wouldn't come any where closer to the white coneflowers either.

This Way

You probably can guess by now that I have a collection of 100 photos of these little beautiful skippers! It is very rare to see butterflies and skippers in my garden as I live "smackaroo" in the middle of a busy city.

Pretty Me
I think he/she is just so gorgeous to see, especially when the under wings are shown. I am not quite sure if it is the Fiery Skipper or not, I just love seeing them around on my flowers.

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  1. fantastic images of the skipper and very vibrant colors, love them Icy

  2. such a beautiful little creature. awesome and vibrant macro photos too! have a great weekend, Icy! :)

  3. Such beautiful shot with the little skipper ...
    Love greetings, Karin

  4. This reminds me about the skipper who thought I was a flower.

  5. Lovely shots - I love that beautiful red flower too :)

  6. This looks just like your Fiery Skipper in your previous post. The markings are almost identical & so are the angles these little ones forced you to use to capture their beauty! Wonderful captures again.

    I live in the city too. I planted flowers specifically to attract butterflies because they so rarely stop. Had tons of them flit about and a few that even stopped long enough for me to shoot.

  7. Gorgeous shots! Love the vibrant colours.

  8. Matches the marigold almost perfectly! A lovely little skipper. :)

  9. what a handsome fellow:)
    thanks for the sweet share,

  10. Your skipper pictures are so cute! I only saw a skipper one time and it wouldn't sit still for a second.


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