Green Critter On White Cone Flower

Friday, September 14, 2012

Green Critter

I don't know what to call this little critter with its green back. Is it a bee or is it a hover fly? It sure was a fascinating critter to watch though. Its legs were covered with orange pollen, and I just love that green color upper body.

Soaking In
Hopefully someone out there knows what this critter is called and tell me. Is it a green hover fly or is it something totally different. Whatever it is, all critters big and small deserved to be featured and seen.

Have a fantastic weekend..

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  1. whatever it is, it looks so lovely and unique! and really so absorbed at what it's doing...must be enjoying the sweetness so much! wonderfully captured as always :-)

  2. Icy, these are two stunning shots. I don't know what he is but he sure is a colorful little guy. You've captured his so perfectly.

  3. Stunning ... breathtaking ... perfect pictures .....
    Best regards, Karin

  4. Gorgeous pictures! He's certainly doing his part in pollinating the flowers, whatever he is!

  5. Whatever he is, he is color-coordinated nicely with the coneflower. :)

  6. I have no idea what that is, but I love your white cone flowers. I've had some White Swan Echinacea seeds for a long time and have not yet had the chance to plant them. They're lovely. :)

  7. Cool looking insect. I like the pollen covered legs. Great photos.

  8. I'm afraid I don't know what it is, but those are fantastic shots! :)

  9. The little critter almost blends in with the flower. Great Shot.
    Happy Sunday!

  10. Wow, spectacular macros & I always consider it a plus when I get an
    insect of some kind on a flower. It does mean dodging bees, at times.

  11. Very well done! Great post! Could it be a horse fly?

  12. I have seen these insects before and have been amazed at their stunning color. You have captured it and the flower so beautifully. I hope there's an entomologist around to let us know who "he/she" really is.

  13. Wow, lucky you to get this shot! I think it´s a green bee, abeja verde metalica. What a beauty!

  14. Lovely shot, Icy and I think you are right. It looks like a hover fly.

  15. Beautiful macro capture! I love white flowers when surrounded by green.

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