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Some years ago I had a desire to learn about computer, desktop publication, HTML, and basic things. Thus, I went to a local College and signed up as a full time student while the children were in school.

I loved it even though my brain was hurting with all the technical terms that I had to memorize and understand their meanings. My favorite class was learning to build Cutting Edge Web Design, and I had so much fun with HTML making my own family website.

I was eager to learn how to upload photos, insert hyperlinks, and add background colors till my heart content. We had to make our website from scratch. There was no template to use, and there was no way around it.

As we got to Flash design, my interest began to diminish when it became too complicated and I had no time to devote my entire being with a family responsibility. However, those were dinosaur times for us! Now, it is so much easier to have a great website running in a matter of seconds.

Many small businesses or private sectors offer their services at a decent price, and the result is an outstanding cutting edge website! If you look at enough websites, you can tell straight away which one is professional and which one is not.

With today technology, I have no clue on how to add Shockwave, or Flash, or Dynamic view to my own sites, but I am not into these yet as mine are just personal sites.

If you have an idea for a business venture, and need someone to design a website for you, check out the link in this post and give them a visit. The best thing about them is that they offer many different services all under one roof, which  includes: web designer, programmer, videographer, copywriter, and SEO expert. Registered & Protected


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