The Other Skipper

Darker Color Skipper
As I have mentioned in my Fiery Skipper post, this skipper has a much darker color to its body, but is is just as little as the other one. The darker color skipper wouldn't come any where closer to the white coneflowers either.

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Cutting Edge Website At Your Fingertip

Some years ago I had a desire to learn about computer, desktop publication, HTML, and basic things. Thus, I went to a local College and signed up as a full time student while the children were in school.

I loved it even though my brain was hurting with all the technical terms that I had to memorize and understand their meanings. My favorite class was learning to build Cutting Edge Web Design, and I had so much fun with HTML making my own family website.

Pink Zinnia In My World

Pink Zinnia
My pink zinnia flowers this year came in different shades, shapes, and types. They are always a welcome sign to see when I am pulling up onto my driveway.

The sky has been very dramatic every morning, and my only regret is that I can not find a clear spot to take a photo. I see the sky in my rear mirror of the car! Sometimes, it is bright red, and sometimes, it is a bright glow of orange. And the sun, the sun itself was huge, like a fire ball ready to swallow the earth.

Ironically, when I see this unimaginable beauty in the sky, I am on a busy road taking my son to school. I will just have to find a way to squeeze in a photo or two one of these days.

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Learning New Thing

When I come across something interesting me enough, I want to know in detail what it means, what it does, and what it is. For example, I recently heard of HPOP (high-pressure oil pump) from having my car fixed. 

Many cars are now having the fuel injecting system, which means you don't have to pump the gas pedal when turning the car on. You can put the key in the ignition, turn, and your car will be on. That is one great thing to have, especially for people who live in the colder climate like me, and have an automatic starter.

I can turn my car on ahead of time in the winter to warm it up from the inside of my house with just a push of a button. It is a nice gadget to have, but I really never pay attention to how all of these things work to give me this comfort!

To my understanding, the fuel injection system in my car uses an oil pump to pull the high pressure oil to the electric unit injector. Thus, it helps my car to start up. Without the oil pump working properly, I will not be able to use my automatic starter.

I now have a vague idea on the purpose of what the oil pump does in my car, not thoroughly, but have a little bit more understanding. Registered & Protected

Fiery Skipper 2012

Fiery Skipper
Oh I love this little skipper when they came around to visit! So tiny, and so fast in their flitting! If it didn't stop, I would not be able to take any photo at all. This little skipper is called Fiery, and I didn't make up that name. I looked up on Google.

White Rose of Sharon In My World

White Roses of Sharon
In my world today, the sky has soft hue colors, but nice and pleasant weather. The roses of Sharon compete with one another to show their last blooms. We have two types of roses of Sharon as you can see; one has a touch of color at the heart, and one is totally white.

These gorgeous roses of Sharon planting themselves all over the backyard, and didn't take long to flower! I actually have to guard my yard from these invading plants by uprooting all the young one every time I see plant growing.

Have yourself a fantastic new week!

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Green Critter On White Cone Flower

Green Critter
I don't know what to call this little critter with its green back. Is it a bee or is it a hover fly? It sure was a fascinating critter to watch though. Its legs were covered with orange pollen, and I just love that green color upper body.

Soaking In
Hopefully someone out there knows what this critter is called and tell me. Is it a green hover fly or is it something totally different. Whatever it is, all critters big and small deserved to be featured and seen.

Have a fantastic weekend..

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Sword Lilies In the Rain

Sword Lilies
The rain poured down one day, heavy and thick in streamming curtain. I watched my sword lilies (Acidanthea - Murielae) drooping and enduring hours of strong wind.

Juvenile Robin 2012

Juvenile Robin In Hiding
Startling me was this juvenile robin; hidden in the corner of my garden and behind my gladiolus. I didn't know what kind of bird it was at first. So yes, we stare at each other for a few moments before I realized that I should take some photos. It is a baby robin!

The Difference Between Feverfew and Chamomile Flowers

Wild Flowers
These beautiful wild flowers are known as Feverfew flowers, not chamomile, even though the two have similar looks, and you can tell them apart by their leaves. The feverfew flowers have a hardy stems and leaves; while chamomile flowers have a slender body.

Minecraft Is The Game

Last year out of the blue, my son got all excited about a game called Minecraft, and knowing my son, once he has set his mind on something he would go after it with all he has! Sure enough, he started searching, reading, and experimenting with different aspects of this game.

I got on my social networking sites asking questions, posting a discussion, and chatting with some of my close friends. I knew nothing about Minecraft or any other games for that matter. Thus, gathering all the information to satisfy my curiosity took some times, but I finally allowed my son to sign up for a free minecraft account

You can watch a short video to know more about what it has to offer when signing up for an account.

(Disclaimer--this is a sponsored post written by me, and all opinions are mine!) Registered & Protected

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