Chickadee 2012

Go on, put out a bird feeder or two, and you will see different kinds of birds coming to your yard. I was a bit more active in feeding them this year, and my spent money brought me more joy than I could ever imagine.

Gorgeous Acidanthera (Murielae)

Beautiful Acidanthera
It is time for me to share my pride and joy of this gorgeous flower, which is the Acidanthera Murielae, and commonly known as sword lily! I bought two bags of three bulbs/corms each at the Dollar Store early in Spring, and planted them in my flower pot.

Buckeyes Butterfly 2012

Buckeyes Butterfly
I spotted this very beautiful and tattered wings butterfly on my white coneflower one morning. Upon looking up on Google, I found out it was called Buckeyes butterfly. Oh yes, happy, happy I was to see this butterfly in my garden.

Enjoy Two States At Just One Hotel

Image borrowed from
Summer is quickly winding down, and school will start up again in two weeks. Therefore, Fall is around the corner, which will bring cooler weather and amazing Autumn colors.

A friend of mine loves this time of the year. In fact, you can even say that she is a fanatic for Fall weather. She always plans a trip out of town to different States every other year, and this coming Fall she will be staying at one of the hotels secaucus new jersey.

In a brief conversation we had recently, she told me that this hotel offers the best of both worlds as she will only be minutes from Times Square in New York. Plus, she would also be able to spend time in nature with the surrounded marshlands and the Hackensack River in New Jersey.

During the day, she plans on soaking herself in the glory of Fall colors, taking pictures, and exploring the earth as it changes for a new face. By evening, she would merge in to Times Square for a different kind of excitement and experience, or vice versa depending on how she feels that day.

Sound absolutely amazing, isn't it? I bet New York and New Jersey will be beautiful in the Fall, and I can already see a fabulous Autumn trip that my friend would have in my mind! Registered & Protected

Woodpecker 2012

Beautiful Woodpecker
Just once, he came and pecked on this half-dead tree of mine. But oh boy, I was thrilled to see beyond words. I did a search on Google, and this is known as downy woodpecker.

White Straw Flower

White Straw Flower
You are looking at my first ever straw flower growing from seeds in a container. I bought the package for a dollar, at the Dollar Store, and just planted the seeds.

Black Wasp 2012

The Giant Black Wasp
This summer the giant black wasp is back. It is a pretty thing, but sort of dangerous to be around. I don't want to find out the hard way, so I keep a great distance between us.

White Morning Glory

Morning Glory
I love flowers; oh sure I do. Morning glory is one of them, but they do take over wherever they grow. These beautiful white morning glories grow amidst the hostas from their own seeds last year.

Bee On Coneflower

Little Bee On Coneflower
The coneflower is a gathering place for critters of wings. I had butterflies, bees, hornets, and wasps. This little bee preferred to feed on this one cone in particular.

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