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Monday, July 09, 2012

Stalke of White Flowers

This beautiful stalk of white flowers was at Belle Isle Conservatory. They looked like hydrangea flowers, but I came to know hydrangea growing more into a ball rather than a full heavy stalks as this.

Little Pretty White Flowers
On one side of the Belle Isle Conservatory line these huge bushes of white flowers, and I still have no idea what they are called. Since the leaves looked similar to hydrangea flowers, I assume they're in the same family.

Not Too Many White Flowers Left
This was what the stalk and leaves looked like! Maybe one day I'll flag down the gardener and asked for the name if I could find one. For now, I will just call it white flowers. Yup, a typical name...

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  1. love it, yes let's call it white flowers meantime, i also do not know the name :)

  2. yes the habit looks like hydrangea, but it is not tropical so i am not familiar. It surely is beautiful

  3. Yes I like white flowers best :-)

    Jocelyn @


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