First Orange Butterfly 2012

Friday, July 06, 2012

Orange Butterfly

I learned from blog hopping that this butterfly is called "question mark", scientific name polyggonia interrogationis, and I know the name is odd, but that is what it is. She is a gorgeous butterfly, and I spend endless times chasing after her.

Her Glory
This butterfly was not the same as the above photo. I took this on different dates and times. The question mark butterfly was harder to snap as it barely stayed still like the red admiral butterfly.

Side View of the Question Mark
I looked high, I looked low, I looked this side, that side, up and down, but I don't see a question mark. I love it though to see different butterflies around my area. I wish to see the Mourning Cloak Butterfly again, but have not seen it since the last time it landed on my driveway.

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  1. So I see question marks in the air.

  2. oh wow, i did not know about question mark, and i call most butterflies monarch, haha, until of course, i just simply call them butterfly because i can't name them :) beautiful pictures, Icy.

  3. Now there is finally a butterfly whose name I now know haha and the name is quite unique and interesting and definitely hard to forget! it is beautifully shot in all its glory...I smile as I imagine you chasing it :-)

  4. You got some great might have been really chasing this one. The only butterfly I know is the Monarch since it is quite prolific in CA.

  5. Great shots! In your third shot, there is a white mark, divided into a curved line and a dot, sort of like a question mark.
    There is a butterfly called a Comma, which looks almost identical, but has only the curved line on its underwing.

  6. A very beautiful 'flutter'.


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