Blue Miniature Cornflower

Blue Bachelor's Button Bud

This is my blue cornflower, which is also known as mini bachelor's button flower from the wild flowers mixed box.  We often heard "what can I buy with a dollar?" Well now, a box of this wild flower mixed and an endless joy for a long time to come.

Blue Miniature Cornflower

I have shown you the white cornflower and deep purple cornflower already; so now this blue one gets the feature. The different shades of blue were from the different time of day and available sun light.

True Blue Cornflower
For once, my camera didn't distort the color, I swear! It is this blue, this beautiful, and this vivid. If you have the Dollar Store near where you live, pick up some boxes of mixed wild flowers and enjoy beautiful blossoms! Registered & Protected


betchai July 30, 2012 10:53 am  

this is one of the most beautiful things we could get for $1, and yes, endless joy. beautiful shots.

Cherry August 02, 2012 2:16 am  

wow! kulasa would love this bluetiful bloom!

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