Blue Miniature Cornflower

Blue Bachelor's Button Bud
This is my blue cornflower, which is also known as mini bachelor's button flower from the wild flowers mixed box.  We often heard "what can I buy with a dollar?" Well now, a box of this wild flower mixed and an endless joy for a long time to come.

My Warrior Butterfly

Warrior Butterfly
What comes to your mind when you see this picture? For me, when I spotted this red admiral butterfly on my coneflower, I was filled with different emotions and admiration! Look at the wings: most parts are missing!

Deep Purple Bachelor's Button Flower

Purple Bachelor's Bud
 Purple is my preferred color but I rarely have anything in this color as far as clothing or household things go. This flower was part of the seeds in my wildflowers mixed box that I bought from the Dollar Store.

2012 Critters

2011 Critters

Ducks 2012

Duck Swimming
So far I have made one trip to Metro Park this year. My intention was to take lots of pictures. It didn't work out that way. I came home with just around 50 photos in my camera. I only saw these ducks and turtles.

Bachelor's Button, Cornflower Mix

Mini Bachelor's Button
This is a dwarf bachelor's button flower, or cornflower, that came in a mixed of wild flowers box I bought at the Dollar Store early in Spring.  I didn't know its name when I featured it on Beyond Wandering.

Cruising With The Turtles

Turtles Getting On Board
One by one, the turtle was getting on board this plank of wood. It was a beautiful day for a cruise around the pond at Metro Park.

My Portfolio

My father said that as soon as I knew how to hold a pen/pencil, I started to write (okay, doodling) every where. If the wall was off limit for the moment, then the floor became my playground!

I've always been fond of writing! It is very therapeutic to me, and brings out my creativity, not to mention my imagination.

If you are interested in reading what I wrote, or just want to check out my portfolio, you can find them here:

1) Yahoo! Voice--I have 54 articles on this website, and planning on continuing whenever I have time.

2) Triond--I have more than 200 articles/poems on this website. 

3) Helium--I have 37 articles on this website, sold at least 3 articles to market place already, but I don't like their system.  In order to get paid for your writing, you have to read and rate other's work every day, or else you don't get a penny!

4) RedGage--This is the place where I share my love for photography

5) Bubblews--I am currently and actively writing at this website since February.

Besides writing for the above websites, you can find me blogging at these websites:

My WordPress blog: Pragmatic Soul

I am also currently working with a few advertisers by writing for paid post reviews!  Money is a motivation, but writing is my love. I'm living my dream! Registered & Protected

White Flower Stalk

Stalke of White Flowers
This beautiful stalk of white flowers was at Belle Isle Conservatory. They looked like hydrangea flowers, but I came to know hydrangea growing more into a ball rather than a full heavy stalks as this.

First Orange Butterfly 2012

Orange Butterfly
I learned from blog hopping that this butterfly is called "question mark", scientific name polyggonia interrogationis, and I know the name is odd, but that is what it is. She is a gorgeous butterfly, and I spend endless times chasing after her.

White Flowering Tree

White Flowers On Tree
This is a tree in my backyard and its beautiful white flowers blooming in late May. After the flowers were gone, there would be some gorgeous orange berries that I have posted before on Reach Beyond Limits.

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