Cutie Gray Squirrel

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Cute Squirrel

Squirrel: Who? Me? What did I do?
Human: Stop eating my flower bulbs and digging holes!
Squirrel: Na, not me..
Human: Then tell your friends to quit it.

Squirrel: Don't you think I'm cute?
Human: Oh yes, you are!
Squirrel: I am well behaved too. Tell me to do something
Human: Lie down!

Squirrel: Like this?
Human: ha ha..yeah, just like that..

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. If you meet a squirrel from Malaysia, will you talk in English too?

    1. Oh yes, I think I would talk to it in English! My Vietnamese is bit rusty :-) and it probably sounds gibberish to this American squirrel too.

  2. hehehe, so funny, love your imaginative conversation with the squirrel, not only well behaved, but knows how to follow instruction. great pictures too.

  3. Fantastic, sooooo cute, you've made very good...
    Best regards, Karin

  4. Oh, Icy, this is one of the cutest posts you've every done. You've got my little buddy to pose for you and he is adorable. Thanks for the smiles :)

  5. Yes you are a cutey and I enjoy watching you run around the park and I also know you don't like it when my dog chase you around ! hahaha

    Very cute photos Icy !


  6. Good job in bringing in so close for us to see..

  7. Great pictures and conversation with the squirrel. It looks so cute and innocent with those big eyes and little hands. :)

  8. they are so cute, when they aren't digging up the bulbs!

  9. Cute squirrel, they are little devils. Great shots.

  10. Wonderful conversation with that squirrel! He minds so well! I am still smiling...

  11. I think squirrels have the amazing ability to translate any language, especially if they like the photographer. Everyone likes you, Icy.

  12. Replies
    1. Hello Tricia,

      Since I am not in your circles, I can't see any of your posts, or your blog! So sorry as I can't visit you to return your kindness!

  13. I have always thought squirrels were very, very adorable : ) I love their tails and their ears! Cute as can be!

  14. Great pictures you show. Wishing you a good Sunday. Hanne Bente /

  15. It's so funny...when I first glanced at this photo I said the same thing "who me"... then I read what you wrote. Love it. Such a fun subject.

  16. So cute! So well behaving... ah and so super captured in focus!

  17. Awww.... looks so innocent. Great captures.


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