Mourning Dove 2012

Dove is a shy bird. It takes off when there is a slight sound or when it sensed someone is looking. I stood behind the door, inside the house, and this dove still spotted me.

Gorgeous Shasta Daisies

One Gorgeous Daisy
This is the beautiful and showy Shasta daisy. It shined in the sun, pure white with yellow heart, and calling to admirers, like me, and probably all the bloggers out there!

Robin 2012

American Robin
Robin is the first bird to see in the spring, and they are seen more often than the blue jay or cardinal. Thus, I don't pay them much attention unless they presented themselves like this guy perching on a branch.

Weed Flowers With Lavender Stripes

Lavender Stripes On White Flowers
I have shown you this type of weed with flowers in my yard before, but mine were pure white! These little weed flowers had lavender stripes on the petals and I found them in the grass at the cemetery.

Blue Jay 2012

Blue Jay Eying the Feeder
I have been after blue jay since the beginning of Spring, and did got a few shots but was not happy with those until today. I put out an open dish of seeds the night before, hoping the blue jay would come back, and sure enough he came early in the morning.

Group of Weed Flowers

Tiny White Weed Flowers
I found these beautiful little weed flowers at Metro Park, growing on the path along the water edge. They looked like the tiny white weed flowers that I had in my yard.

Cutie Gray Squirrel

Cute Squirrel
Squirrel: Who? Me? What did I do?
Human: Stop eating my flower bulbs and digging holes!
Squirrel: Na, not me..
Human: Then tell your friends to quit it.

Wrapping Up Spring Soccer Season

First Week of May
Starting the first week of May, we traveled to Flint, and Linden, which were more than one and 1/2 hours each way to each destination. I put my smart phone to good use by using the GPS for navigation.

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