First Mourning Cloak Butterfly 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mourning Cloak Butterfly

Meet my first ever Mourning Cloak butterfly!!! This year for some unknown reasons, I saw at least four different kinds of butterflies around my home so far! There are Red Admiral Butterfly, White Butterfly, Orange Butterfly, and now Mourning Cloak. 

Mourning Cloak Butterfly With Folded Wings

I found this Mourning Cloak butterfly on my driveway behind my parked car! I was so excited and hurriedly snapped some photos as I knew it would fly away soon. I even forgot to breathe, and all the settings on my camera.

Mourning Cloak Ready To Take Off

Yes, I couldn't believe my eyes to see this gorgeous and rare Mourning Cloak butterfly around here, leave alone on my driveway! It did take off while I snapped the photos but it flew in a circle and came right back with this pose.

Brown, Blue Dots, With Creamy Trim On Wings

After this Mourning Cloak butterfly went away, I downloaded the photos, and began my search by typing in: "brown color, bright blue dots, and creamy trim on wings". The name came up as Mourning Cloak butterfly! Isn't this wonderful?

By the way, if you want to attract butterflies to your yard, visit TexWisGirl, to see how she collected a plate full of butterflies-literally-to her yard! Your jaw will drop, I promise...

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  1. How wonderful to find a Mourning Cloak right on your own driveway. Those brilliant blue dots look amazing! :D

  2. Must be a great way to start the morning - be blessed with lots of butterflies ! I will visit Texwisgirl to know the secret of attracting butterflies, I don't see a lot in my place !

    Hugs to you !

  3. A super shot, pretty little butterfly...
    Best regards, Karin

  4. Icy, what fantastic shots. It is always so difficult to capture shots of these beauties and you did a great job.

  5. that's awesome!

  6. oh, you are so cute! :) and we've had a couple of mourning cloaks, here, too! i've been amazed.

  7. I just photographed my first Mourning Cloak also!!! It was going to be my Camera-Critters post for this week, but last night, I was so tired, I couldn't even find the photos of it. Yes, I was very, very tired. LOL
    Sounds like you have seen the same butterflies as I have so far. The Red Admiral, Sulphurs (white and yellow), and Mourning Cloak. I've also seen some Fritillary butterflies and some Swallowtails, but they haven't landed and sat still for me. :-)

  8. what a beautiful butterfly, great shot too :-) Dropping by from Camera Critters

  9. So pretty -- I love butterflies and my daughter has been very proactive about making sure we buy flowers that will attract them to our garden this year!

    Visiting via Camera Critters

  10. oh, how beautiful, you have diverse butterfly sightings so far this year, and love all of them.

  11. Congrats on your sighting, it is a beautiful butterfly.

  12. What a great looking butterfly.

  13. Congratulations on this capture!

    Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best!

  14. How pretty. Not sure I have seen this one before.

  15. You did a good job with these. Mourning cloak was also my first butterfly.


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