Call For a Free Bottle of Nopalea Wellness Drink

After picking up my nephew at his school, we ran into a threatening storm as it started to rain on the way home. My nephew, being seven years old, said: "it is raining dogs and cats." I laughed at this expression and told him "it is only raining cats right now."

He glanced out at the sky and asked: "why? Is it because dogs are heavier?" I had to agree happily with this metamorphosis. The mind of a child amazed me at times. My nephew went on to say  rain is good for the earth and makes everything grows.

I interrupted him and told him that the rain is not good for my body. Again, my nephew declared: "because you are old, and you need help!"

I came to a stop in this argument, and thought how true his words were. Maybe I should take a leap of faith, get a FREE bottle of Nopalea wellness drink by calling 1-800-462-1402, and just pay $9.95 for shipping. After all it has sold over 5 million bottles worldwide.

If I drink 3-6 ounces daily, this Nopalea will help reduce inflammation in my body, which could:

  • Reduce pain due to inflammation
  • Improve my joint health
  • Relieve swelling in muscles
  • Protect cellular health
  • Remove daily toxins
  • May help me feel more energized
  • Improve my breathing due to respiratory inflammation
Having a conversation with a little kid is refreshing some time! Registered & Protected


Unknown May 13, 2012 8:05 pm  

Anything that helps our older bones...

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