April Soccer Collages

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First and Third Game

April came and gone with many soccer games out of the way! We had many other obligations, all happy events, celebrated. Our team this year is mix-match of 12 and 13 years old since some previous players didn't return.

My Favorite Shots of JoJo

Like a proud mom that I am, I snapped endless pictures of my son. Partly, I wanted to learn to shoot sport or action photos properly; and partly I believe "practice makes perfect" kind of thing.

Fourth Game
So far we won a couple games, tied a couple of games, and lost a couple of games! At this time, we really were just out for the fun of it and stopped taking the games so seriously.

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  1. Though English premier League has just ended, it continues over here.

    1. I will take soccer match over everything else, too :-)

  2. Very cool shots, Icy. You captured the excitement of the games.

    1. Thank you Jo, you're too kind!

  3. Those action shots are just wonderful. They remind me of how terrific it is to be outdoors.

    1. I love it when he spend times outdoors! It's so much healthier than sitting inside :-)


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