White-Crowned Sparrow

Perching On the Fence
Looking out my window, I saw this sparrow, and thought nothing about it until I see his/her head. That was different, so I started snapping quickly through a glass panel.

Beautiful White Flower With Lavender Stripes

Beautiful White Flower
I don't know what this flower is called, and if it is a wild flower or not, but I spotted on the ground at a park. I had this same tiny little flower last year growing in a pot, and I believe it was hollyhock.

Wild Bunnies

JoJo's Wild Bunny In the Evening
On the way back from soccer practice one evening, JoJo spotted this wild bunny in an RV park behind the fence. Being a bunny lover, he grabbed my camera and snapped some pictures. He loves bunnies and has one, Delilah, as his pet.

Good Bye Beautiful Blossoms

Good-Bye Blossoms
This was a branch of a blossom tree I saw at the cemetery, which I don't know the name.. After exhausted hours in the sun burying a flower box down at my dad's grave, I was rewarded with this sight.

Bringing Home the Bacon

Cardinal Checking Me Out

I have a story for you, and it came looking for me. This fuzzy "wuzzy" cardinal landed right on the fence in front of me while I was weeding. His feathers were all fluffy, and stood out. He looked tired and mean.

April Soccer Collages

First and Third Game
April came and gone with many soccer games out of the way! We had many other obligations, all happy events, celebrated. Our team this year is mix-match of 12 and 13 years old since some previous players didn't return.

First Mourning Cloak Butterfly 2012

Mourning Cloak Butterfly
Meet my first ever Mourning Cloak butterfly!!! This year for some unknown reasons, I saw at least four different kinds of butterflies around my home so far! There are Red Admiral Butterfly, White Butterfly, Orange Butterfly, and now Mourning Cloak. 

Call For a Free Bottle of Nopalea Wellness Drink

After picking up my nephew at his school, we ran into a threatening storm as it started to rain on the way home. My nephew, being seven years old, said: "it is raining dogs and cats." I laughed at this expression and told him "it is only raining cats right now."

War Horse Movie Review

My son loves War Horse movie. He has seen it before in the theater, and kept talking about it. He said it is the best movie he has seen for the year, even better than The Hunger Games, which he has me buying the books for him to read!

Conversation With the Bird

You can read the other Conversation here!

Bird With Seeds
Bird: Hey human, thanks for all the seeds
Human: You're quite welcome
Bird: It is such a mess though
Human: Squirrels did it, not my fault

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