White Weed Flowers

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wild Weed Flowers

These tiny pretty white wild weed flowers are growing quite abundantly in my backyard. Goodness, try to say "white wild weed flowers" out loud twice, and you would feel tired as I do.

Wild Flowers Blooming

I have called the handyman twice to come and mow the grass since it is quite high now. He, however, stood me up twice, so now I have to give this job to someone who would be more reliable and enthusiastic with his job.

White Wild Flowers Loving the Sun

My grass should have been cut at least two weeks ago, but since I treasure the white violet flowers and the purple violets so much, I delayed the process. With all of these beautiful wild flowers growing, though very tiny, I was glad the flowers had a chance to grow!

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  1. the name can be a good a tongue twister. they are pretty !!!

  2. Such pretty little wild flowers, beautiful shots...
    Best regards, Karin

  3. Icy, handymen are notorious for never showing up. It would be better to get a local neighbor or teenager to do it that needs a little extra money.

    The photos are so sweet and charming, just love them.

  4. Haha, yes they are lovely! And i joined you in repeating the words if it really was difficult, and i smiled! It was.

  5. oh, they are very beautiful weed, i probably would delay the process too.

  6. Weeds? Really? They are so pretty!

  7. Enjoyed visiting your blog this week.
    Joyce M

  8. Those flowers growing in your lawn are so pretty. Good thing you got pictures while waiting for the grass to get cut!

  9. Wild flowers are unbelievable! They are gorgeous as any flowers.

  10. I'd rather have the flowers than short grass.


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