Raining Violets

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Violet In the Yard

It is April, and the weather feels much more like April.  After a couple of rainy days, violets come out all over the yard now.  They are much smaller this year than last though.

Delicate Petals
The White Violets you saw last week were grown in a special clay pot, as they are not as common to find around here. This purple ones grew wildly everywhere.

Curvy Petals
This violet has purple tone, but depends on the lighting, it could either be deep purple or light lavender. My grass is tall now, but I'm dreaded calling the lawn care provider to mow the grass. I want to keep the violets around for longer time.

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  1. Icy, the colors are beautiful and I especially like the way the petals fold. You've captured their details so well.

  2. Very pretty and the color is my favorite for flowers. Beautiful captures.

  3. Very pretty and the color is my favorite for flowers. Beautiful captures.

  4. such a beautiful color...wonderfully captured...don't call the lawn care provider yet :-)

  5. I love violets . . . wish the "grew wild" around here! great photos.

  6. How utterly gorgeous! Winter has returned here so it's a joy to see your shots.

  7. They're gorgeous! I'd leave the grass for a bit longer.

  8. A beautiful violet color, spring brings wonderful colors ...
    Best regards, Karin

  9. Glorious violet, great minds think alike :)

  10. Icy, I love violets and these are so pretty.

  11. are those your iris? I have the dark colors from your pick


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