Busy Little Bird

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Eating Berries

I took a few photos of this pretty little bird before, and still don't know its name. But it doesn't matter as I am happy spotting it on the berry tree next door. It was very busy choosing the right berry to eat.

Still Eating
I don't have a DRSL with long lens, just my point and shoot, the photos are grainy when it zooms all the way in.  This tree has now filled with leaves, and all the berries disappeared.

And Still Eating
It is harder now to spot little birds with all the leaves around. I can hear them, but can't see them anymore. It is time for spring!

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  1. What a pretty little bird, and so many fruits on the tree.
    Lovely photo ...
    Love greetings, Karin

  2. it is time for spring, and what a beautiful sight nature treated you.

    happy Easter, Icy.

  3. This looks like a male goldfinch in its early spring colors. If you keep watching him, you'll find that his feathers slowly turn a much brighter yellow as it gets warmer. The female doesn't have such distinctive wing coloring and even in full summer, her color is more pale green than gold.

  4. A special treat for Easter morning! Beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best! :)

  5. A hungry bird! Lovely shot.

  6. are those real berries? I mean can you consume them?

  7. He was a hungry little one and oh, so cute. Great shots, Icy. Hope you are having a wonderful Easter.


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