Back On the Field

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Soccer Practices/Training

Spring is here when you see kids on the field practicing and in training for the games that follow this season. We are now, back on the field five days out of seven preparing for the challenge.

The Scrimmage

It is a grueling time for the kids as they have to run at least three miles after a long day at school, but they are trained to build up endurance, and to be tougher.

Having Fun
These boys will play if they are left to have free play and I like it. This is when they are unattached to electronic devices and gadgets, and just have the most simple fun of the world. Being young, being active, and being healthy outside! Registered & Protected



  1. I agree, Icy. Being outside and into sports is great for kids and always beats sitting in front of a computer or telephone screen :)

  2. Nice that he likes to play a lot of sports. I am very happy for you.

  3. Oh yeah! We have kids that are all adults now, but I CLEARLY remember something going on EVERY day of the week. Sometimes, my wife and I would have to split up going to practices or games, to make sure at least one of us was there.
    Now that it's all gone, I kind of miss those days...


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