Pretty Tiny Wild Flowers

White Weed Flowers
Growing wild among the little rocks of my backyard, these tiny little white wild flowers were absolutely beautiful with my camera macro lens. They were too little to see the details without a magnifying glass, or macro lens.

First Red Admiral Butterfly 2012

Red Admiral
This is my first Red Admiral in the yard, yes it is! I looked it up on this website, and read the description of it. She was not a large one but rather smaller than the information was given!

White Weed Flowers

Wild Weed Flowers

These tiny pretty white wild weed flowers are growing quite abundantly in my backyard. Goodness, try to say "white wild weed flowers" out loud twice, and you would feel tired as I do.

First White Butterfly 2012

Please visit A Collection of Different Butterflies to see more!

White Butterfly

It is time to show my chase for this flitting white butterfly in the yard! Yes, she was on the move and barely took a break! Thus, she made my chase even more thrilling..

Back On the Field

Soccer Practices/Training

Spring is here when you see kids on the field practicing and in training for the games that follow this season. We are now, back on the field five days out of seven preparing for the challenge.

Rambling Critters

Robin Talks
She stalked me, and I don't care since I will be featured on her blog, and become a star anyway. This pathetic old woman always aimed her point and shoot camera at the critters around her yard, even when we were way up high.

The Hunger Games Movie Review

My son and I went to see The Hunger Games last Saturday morning, as it is one of most talk about subjects online and offline. We took the short way to have some ideas about this story by listening to audio books first, and then just plunged right into the movie.

Well, as you know, the story in the books provided much more details than the movie can ever show. If you haven't read the books to understand the general ideas of the story, I suggest you should.

Busy Little Bird

Eating Berries
I took a few photos of this pretty little bird before, and still don't know its name. But it doesn't matter as I am happy spotting it on the berry tree next door. It was very busy choosing the right berry to eat.

Raining Violets

Violet In the Yard
It is April, and the weather feels much more like April.  After a couple of rainy days, violets come out all over the yard now.  They are much smaller this year than last though.

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