The Eastern Boxelder

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Eastern Boxelder

Warm weather brought out bugs of all kind, and this Eastern Boxelder was no exception. I started to see a couple of them already around my home. They are colorful and pretty bugs to see, but still, they are bugs, and I don't like them around.

 Climbing On the Wind Chime
The belly of this Eastern boxelder is red, and I wish to have a picture of it, but I just can't catch it! It is quite pretty to see.

Happy Face
These last two years, the Eastern boxelders seems to like our area. We see them in early spring and late summer. Not sure if these bugs have anything to do with my peony plants or not, but my flowers didn't bloom last year.

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  1. i think we used to see these at our old house....huge amounts of these, all in one area!

  2. Love your shunshiny face but really don't like boxelders at all. I can't find anything attractive about them. I can usually find the beauty in bugs, but not this one.

  3. The insect is rather attractive but not very much desired. I like your happy sun!

  4. Icy, what a colorful bug. And although I don't like bugs either, this one is very cool. Great shots.

  5. I've seen those bugs but I never knew what they were called.

  6. I love your big sunshiny face. I couldn't help but smile at it!

  7. I remember seeing multitudes of these bugs at my mom's house when I was growing up, but we don't get them much here.

    Fun captures! :) Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best.

  8. I think it's a cute bug, especially with the black heart shape on its back!

  9. Great captures of the boxelder insect. It looks huge!

    I do like your very cheerful sun decoration.

  10. that's very interesting image of the bug, seeking happiness in happy face :)


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