Squirrel With a Frozen Strawberry

Squirrel Having Lunch
He carried this huge piece of food, and found a sunny spot to sit for his own enjoyment. Along came a crazy lady with a camera pointing at him, and he was wondering about his safety.

White Violet Flowers

Violets About to Bloom
BC Doan Photo
We have plenty of purple violet flowers in our backyard, and they grow wild, but these white violets are my treasure as they were wedged in the chive that my friend gave to me two years ago.

Use Miracle-Gro Concentrated Planting Mix To Improve Soil

This post brought to you by Scotts®. All opinions are 100% mine.

EnG Product Shot.pngMany of you know that I don't have green thumb when it comes to growing flowers, and I have depended on Miracle-Gro products to help me along. They work for some plants, and they don't for others. I'm happy nevertheless since I have poor soil as my friend, Terri, can attest to it. Her sweet pea flowers grow like weed at her house down the street, while mine remains the size of a little hand, without any flowers.

The Eastern Boxelder

Eastern Boxelder
Warm weather brought out bugs of all kind, and this Eastern Boxelder was no exception. I started to see a couple of them already around my home. They are colorful and pretty bugs to see, but still, they are bugs, and I don't like them around.

Hail Storm of 2012

Thursday Mar. 15
While waiting in a dental office with my mom last Thursday, I saw big size balls of ice fell down from the sky! The noise it made on the roof top of the building and on the cars outside had everyone saying: "whoa" in amazement.

Black Birds Branch Out

Birds On a Branch
I admitted, there is an app on FaceBook called Branch Out, and I received at least 10 invitations every week to join. I don't know what it is and I have no desire to spread myself onto another site. I like to Branch Out but in nature rather than on FB app.

Spotting Little White Flowers

Little White Flowers
I spotted this flower at the Conservatory, and they were in the cactus wing. I believe they were in the succulent family, but I could not find the name tag.

Mourning Dove

Chubby Mourning Dove
I believe this is a mourning dove! It made the noise like one, and usually I saw them on the ground looking for food. This one however, stayed way up on top of the tree, and watched my every move.

The Elusive Hawk

Head Turning Completely Around

Way up on the tree, this hawk spotted me, as I spotted him. He turned around and looked at me. I wished the hawk was in plain sight for me to take pictures rather than behind a curtain of branches. Thus, he became my elusive hawk.

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