Cute and Chubby Robin

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Half Hidden Robin

Last week was unusually warm, and we had a flock of robin visiting around here in our neighborhood. I had a chance to take some pictures when the robin was on top of my neighbor's tree with plenty of berries to eat.

Cutie Robin
The lighting didn't work out too good as the robin stayed half way in the shade most of the time, so I was quite happy to have these photos turning out decently.

Turning Away

This robin was tired of being my model, so he did what every bird does, avoiding the camera and the crazy lady!

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  1. Cute shots of the Robins. Happy Weekend!

  2. Such fantastic photos, soooo beautiful bird pictures.
    I enjoyed your excellent photos
    Best regards, Karin

  3. How lovely - and it looks so much like spring.

  4. He was busy eating all those berries!

  5. I always love seeing robins. I wish there were as many around here.

  6. such lovely shots...smiling here at the last are never alone at being crazy taking shots :-)mwah!

  7. Chubby, indeed, and cute..he doesn't seem to have spent a hungry winter. Here, at my India place, we have mostly crows but there is still that beautiful Indian Golden Oriole that comes lke clockwork every morning about 7AM, tap, tap tapping on our kitchen window...such a glorious treat.

  8. I guess the early bird gets the berry!

  9. Looks like Michigan and Bristol are sharing the same weather. We've had it pretty warm and sunny for this time of year, too.

    I know you'll be taking lots of great pictures.

  10. Very nice photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  11. oh, these are very beautiful and heartwarming shots of the robin, Icy, love them, especially the first one.

  12. Your robin pictures are so cute. I haven't seen any robins around here for a long time. They are are fun to watch!

  13. "I am here, i am ating some fruit". Beautiful shot. have a nice week. Greetings from Romania

  14. He's eating a lot of those berries no doubt. Cute, chubby and happy. What an adorable shot, Icy.


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