Indoor Soccer 2012

JoJo has been playing indoor soccer in this big dome for the last three years, and all three years he was with three different clubs. This is the one sport that he loves, and it is a way to keep him active during the winter.

I still haven't figure out how to take proper pictures of fast action movement yet, but have tried different settings such as aperture mode, speed mode, programming mode, and also manual mode. Now, once I could find a perfect combination for light, action, and click, I would be so happy.

We are wrapping up Indoor Soccer Season today, with a pizza party to celebrate :-)

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My Favorite Critter: Firefly

Looking Down
I love firefly! Oh yes I do, and living in the middle of a big city, it is very rare to see this fascinating critter. However, we do on those rare occasions; we saw fireflies in the summer.

Cute and Chubby Robin

Half Hidden Robin
Last week was unusually warm, and we had a flock of robin visiting around here in our neighborhood. I had a chance to take some pictures when the robin was on top of my neighbor's tree with plenty of berries to eat.

Give Clipix a Try

PhotobucketIt occurs to me that I spend more time online, at my laptop, than at anywhere else. Grant it, it is a part of my job as a freelance writer, but I often wonder what would it be like for generations before us? How would a freelance writer go about in gathering information? Would he or she spend more time at a desk or wander around places on foot to collect materials?

The Easiest Way To Add Photo to Social Spark Post

 Recently, I received two offers to write for an advertiser, in which it required me to add photos to my post from my own screen shot. I took the picture, uploaded to my Picasa Album, and followed Social Spark direction to the tee, plus watched their instructional video more than 10 times.

Nothing worked! The picture wouldn't show up! I failed miserably!

Robin On Berry Branch

Robin On Berry Branch
One morning during this past week, I saw a flock of robins congregated on top of this berry tree. The weather was warm this year, so many different birds stay around.

Bunny and Boys

This is Delilah, and she belongs to my son JoJo. She has been with us for almost two years now, and also is the longest bunny living with us.

She loves her boy as much as he loves her. She gets the run of our living room area rug and if you sit on the floor, she will come digging her head under your hand asking for petting.

She is very fond of my older boy too. Whenever she sees him crouching down, she comes running toward him, and gives him kisses by putting her nose on his, or just lies down next to him for a little nap.

As for me, she just stares for a very long time, and I don't know what it means :-)

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Pet Included In Walgreens Prescription Savings Club

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