The Hawk and the Squirrel's Encounter

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Hawk

This is a story that I am very hesitated to share, and it was a very sad shocking one also. However, this is life, and this is nature at its best. The hawk you see in this photo above served  himself dinner right out of the squirrels' nest.

Face Off

I watched in amazement as one of the squirrel parents came to challenge the hawk, even though there was pretty much nothing left of the poor unfortunate baby. They stared each other down for quite a while, and the black squirrel was fearless.

The Squirrel's Nest

This nest housed a few more baby squirrels as I saw them jumping around the opening the next day. I have seen this kind of hawk before around here, and my son took pictures of it too last winter, but to see hawk in the middle of a busy city was very amazing.

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  1. Icy, I've seen this first hand in the gardens and it literally made me sick. I know it's nature but it truly disturbed me. Squirrels can be fierce when protecting one of their own and I've seen that as well.

    Here in SF we have hawks all over the city and it does bother me. I don't like being near them unless of course I'm photographing one in a tree. Your shots by the way are great.

  2. Wow! I've never seen that before. So sad.

  3. You certainly got some great pictures of this event. I agree that it is a very sad thing, but it would be equally sad for the hawk to starve.

  4. it may be something that is not so pleasing to the eye and heavy on the heart to see, but you captured the event so well, and like what you said, it is nature at its best.

  5. That's sad, but as you said, it's nature. A hawk's gotta eat as well, and this is how he gets his food.

  6. Awesome observation and pictures! It is sad for the squirrel, but the hawk needs to eat too.

  7. Amazing images of the hawk! (As are also the ones your son took.)

    We have a Cooper's hawk that visits our back yard on occasion and most times it makes its meal from a smaller bird. I've not ever seen it go after one of our squirrels.

  8. Great photography and, yes, it really is sad that a helpless squirrel baby was prey. I wonder if he'll be back in subsequent days for another feast.

  9. It is very sad but it is part of nature, all creatures need to eat. We have hawks in our yard but they mainly catch mice in a nearby field. Great photos Icy.

  10. Creatures are free in their minds though- no need for regrets for them.

  11. The food chain does have elements that can be difficult to "stomach". Your pics are great, however.


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