A Conversation

A Little Bird Coming

Bird: Hey there, I am hungry
Human: what shall we do?

Bird: Feed me, that's what
Human: How do you ask?

Bird: ok, ok, please
Human: that's better!

Bird: Aah...thank you
Human: you're welcome!

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Lady Bug Without Dots

Not long ago in November, I saw this lady bug without any dots or rank on its body yet, but it had the best vibrant orange color ever. I guessed the lady bug was still a baby since it was very tiny.

Lady Bug In the Rain

I caught sight of this lady bug after the rain, and as you can see in the photo, there were some water drop on its back still.

Lady Bug Looking For Home

I've read that lady bug bites, and I have also heard that it is also known as stink bug! I agree with the later statement since I had the honor of holding it once, and my son confirmed that it bit him too.

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The Hawk and the Squirrel's Encounter

The Hawk

This is a story that I am very hesitated to share, and it was a very sad shocking one also. However, this is life, and this is nature at its best. The hawk you see in this photo above served  himself dinner right out of the squirrels' nest.

Face Off

I watched in amazement as one of the squirrel parents came to challenge the hawk, even though there was pretty much nothing left of the poor unfortunate baby. They stared each other down for quite a while, and the black squirrel was fearless.

The Squirrel's Nest

This nest housed a few more baby squirrels as I saw them jumping around the opening the next day. I have seen this kind of hawk before around here, and my son took pictures of it too last winter, but to see hawk in the middle of a busy city was very amazing.

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Walgreens Cares For Their Customers

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

Express Scripts is an in-network pharmacy carrier that was partnered with Walgreens to provide prescription drugs for their customers. However, since December 31, 2011, Walgreens and Express Scripts were no longer affiliated after a year of unsuccessful negotiation. You can read all about it here.

The result of this dramatic change affected customers solely, since they were now forced into finding other pharmacies, abandoned a trusting relationship with their pharmacists, faced inconvenience of driving further from home, and looked for places that accept their RX provider.

In an effort to ease this burden for customers, and the military troops especially, Walgreens introduced Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens for the month of January. Pay only $10 dollars this 2012, and your family, including spouse, children 22 and under, plus your pets are eligible for discount on over 8000 brand-name/generic prescription medications. This perk also includes diabetes supplies and pets' medications as well. Individual plan costs only $5 dollar for the year.

If you are currently under Express Scripts, and not happy with what going on, you can speak your mind at Walgreens on Facebook and also at Walgreens on Twitter. You can call your local media and let them know that by pulling Walgreens out of the network of pharmacies, you are facing more disadvantages than benefits.

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Black Squirrel

All Mine

This black squirrel found a left over apple, and was very please with it! He carried it up on top of the fence, and watched my every move as I tried to snap some photos.

My Apple

He took a couple crunches as quickly as he could, and almost dropped his precious food. Squirrels around my house rarely seemed hungry as they could find food every day in my next door neighbor's yard. You see, these renters tossed their trash on the ground without a bother.

Resting Time

After the squirrel was full, he was ready to rest in this corner, along with his friend! The white background was the renters' house! The left over foods were good for feeding the animals, but I am not sure if it is really good as far as safety or health issues concerned!

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Reduce Inflammation With Nopalea Wellness Drink

I have arthritis in my wrists and finger joints due to years of repetitive work, and at times I have to wear support on both hands. The pain is acute and unbearable for a few days, and I can see the redness through my skin due to inflammation.

I have tried many different herbal supplements, but nothing seemed to work. Taking over the counter medication only temporary relieved the pain, so I am on the look out to find ways to control the inflammation. Nopalea (no-pah lay-uh) is a wellness drink that I am thinking of. It supposed to be an amazing, natural, and an anti-inflammatory solution.

If use it daily, the benefits include:
  • Relieving pain
  • Improving breathing
  • Reducing swelling in joints and muscles
  • May help your body feel energized
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Detoxify by remove toxin in the body
  • Help optimized cellular health
In case you wonder, the Nopalea is taken from the fruit of cactus, (Opuntia Ficus Indica),which contains healing properties, and native people relied on this fruit for centuries. The best news is, you can get these 32-ounce wellness bottles for free by calling 1-800-203-7063, and only have to pay for shipping of $9.95.

You can find more information by clicking on the link in this post to watch a short video on You-Tube, or check out other products on their website for children and for weight loss.

(Notice--PayPerPost is not affiliated with Trivita/Nopalea!)

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