New Year 2013

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Critter On a Borrow Bed

Is this a regular grasshopper? I am not sure anymore as I saw too many strange looking ones around my yard, during the summer. I am not fond of insects, but they made an interesting subject to photograph.

A Borrow Bed
This hopper loved to stay on the inside petals of flowers, and their favorite ones are lilies and zinnias. I usually found them sleeping by the heart of the flowers in the morning.

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Finding Beauty

Is it possible to find something pretty left in a world that is going doorman? I know it is since “It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see”, (By Thoreau)! If I can't find beauty straight away, I take a step back, and then look for another angle.

Yes, sometimes I even surprise at myself but it doesn't take much for me to be excited. A little sunlight flickering on top of the leaves was more than enough. It might take me a while to find the perfect spot to shoot, or I might just shoot enough photos to weave through once they were uploaded to my computer.

I see the beauty in each of the photos above! They are simple with just a touch of colors. In this cold weather, seeing them still growing was such a joy.

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Flying Hopper

Hopper With Wings
We had lot of this critter around our yard during the summer. It looked like grasshopper, but really not. The black color part on this critter you see is its wings. Yes, it could fly and usually for a short distance.

This And That In My World

Rose Branch In December
Every year there is one rose branch that still has new growth and the colors are quite amazing in such a gloomy cold weather. Many parts on this wild rose plant are bare and brown, except for this one.

Random Shots of Critters

Hello There
I am positive that you have seen cardinals admiring and or fighting with themselves in the rear view mirror of your car! So have I, and this one left quite a few marks on my car with her sharp nails.

Hairy Critter In My World

Time is a companion that goes with us on a journey. It reminds us to cherish each moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived.
~Captain Jean-Luc Picard

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Birds In the Cage

Bottoms Up
With a visit to the pet store for bunny food, I snapped these photos. I love these type of birds. They are beautiful in colors and very fun to watch them hoping from this to that. Then they both dived in, bottoms up just went the camera fired off.

Pink Aster Crego In My World

This year my pink aster crego flowers grew in plenty, and they were beautiful. The flowers lasted a long time, tall, and a welcome sight to my front porch. I took many photos, but when I needed them, I can't find them. Have this happened to you?

Thanksgiving is now behind us, and Christmas is moving in quickly. We had our first snow today, but it didn't stay around. I like it this way as I don't have to shovel :-)

Let's have another great week!

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On A Warm Day, Critters Come Out to Play

The Meeting
I believe these are called boxelders, or maybe milk weed bugs! The weather doesn't have to be very warm for these critters to come out. They were having a meeting on my son's jar of rocks, which were left on the ledge of our house. I know, they are the destroyers of many plants, but somehow, very pretty looking bugs to me also.

Faces Of Straw Flowers In My World

Now that winter is creeping in, I am even more vigilance in keeping an eye out for wonderful sky colors to show up. You know, living with all that grey for days drains the energy out of me. Outside and inside always have such a doom feel to them.

Na, I am whining, just expressing how I feel about winter, and won't stop looking for other remarkable or amazing things to see during the cold months.

This year I had three different colors straw flowers: white, pink, and yellow. They were so fabulous to have in my flower pot, even though their petals were as rough as paper; they closed at night and opened during the day. The flowers lasted for a long time, which put them on top of my list to grow again next summer.

If you have Dollar Stores or their chain, keep your eyes in the flower department. They carried flower seeds and usually sold for a quarter during off season. I found these straw flower seeds there.

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Batman, The Dark Feathers

Front View of Dark Feathers Bird
My neighbor, the renter, moved out last month and left a horrible mess in the yard. The owner had to hire a landscape company to fix up around his home; so after the workers left, I saw a flock of these dark feather birds on my driveway. They looked like Batman to me through my window for some reasons, and I have never seen them before either.

Baby Pink Bud In My World

We are having a windy and wet Monday here, so the collage you're seeing was taken some times in the past. Which meant summer! We won't have any flower or see colorful sky for the next four months, but with just occasion sun light. It is all good as I am used to it.

The baby pink buds were the pink straw flowers that I grew this past summer. They were easy to grow without much fuss, and stayed blooming for a long time. I had pink, yellow, and white straw flowers. I will have to tap into those photos for the winter.

You don't want to see icicles, do you?

Baby, I Love You!

Baby Robin
This baby bird fell out of its nest in July in my front yard. It was out in the open, making no noise, or movement. We almost didn't see it, so we tried to help it hopping into the bush by walking behind the baby bird. Around this time of the year, we saw many different juvenile birds in our yard.

November Blooms In My World

These flowers are from the wild flowers mixed box that I bought from the Dollar Store in early fall. Yeah, yeah, I said that like ten hundred times already, I know! However, I mention it because these babies are still BLOOMING in November! The miniature Rudbeckia Hirta, the blue miniature cornflowers, the deep purple cornflowers, the white cornflowers, and the pink cosmos are all still growing and blooming.

Clockwise from the collage above is my White Cosmos flower, just opened two days ago, pink cosmos, lavender cornflower, pink cornflower, and the yellow one I believe it is called Sleepy Daisy.

Our weather is in the 30s so you know it is cold, and to see the flowers bloomed; it is quite a happy moment. Have a fantastic week ahead..

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Guarding The Line

Birds Up High
Starlings and pigeons are busy birds who guard their area around many fast food places. They swoop down for crumbs and quickly fly back up to their familiar territory.

Sedum In My World

This was some sort of sedum that grew in my front yard, late in the summer. It was now gone like everything else in my world right now. Most living things are on hiatus for the next few months. Luckily, I still have a hard drive full of photos to share :-) and it won't be a boring winter at all.

It will be another interesting year as the weather is on an odd side of normal at the moment. What is normal you might ask when it comes to weather? Nothing, I suppose, but I just know that it is so wet here these past few weeks. We barely have dried weather to do the clean up in our yard.

Enjoy your week..

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The Freakish Hungry Squirrel

Hanging Upside Down
I hung this feeder with a piece of stale bread for my birdies friend, but this squirrel claimed it for himself! He had no trouble wrapping his legs around that tiny branch and got to the food.

Sunflowers In My World

Yellow Sunflowers
We are only at the beginning of another season, and already I miss seeing flowers blooming. Our hot weather was just too short when I looked back. Half of the time it wasn't hot, but wet, cold and gloomy. 

None of my sunflowers grew taller than me this year, but I had one plant against all odd, the photo in the middle, had FIVE flowers on one stem! It was so heavy that I had to use a tomato cage to aid its weight.

Winter will soon be here, bringing with it freezing temperature and snow. I am not ready for it or looking forward to it. Can we pull it back to summer, to early fall, or to spring? Can we just say: "wait" or send the snow away?

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Garden Spider

A Huge Spider
I finally spotted the owner of this huge web in my garden, which I posted on Wandering Thought last month. He/she hid well among the cone-flowers and leaves and his web was quite strong to withstand many rain storms we were having.

Lavender Rose of Sharon In My World

Lavender Rose of Sharon
These are the lavender rose of Sharon in my world besides the white ones! They are all gone now as the weather has been cold, gloomy, and rainy. I caught the moon on clear nights when the need for fresh air called to me. They are not the best, but I like the color so I kept them.

It is getting rarer to see the moon at night now or to find flowers that are still blooming. Season changes, the earth changes, and we must adapt.

Do you know that squirrels love to eat these roses of Sharon? I watched them with my own eyes, and couldn't believe it. They nibbled on fresh young flowers and seemed to enjoyed eating them.

Wish you all a great new week!

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Golden Ladybug On Goldenrod

This goldenrod branch grew near my fence, and the lovely yellow demanded attention. Come with it a lovely surprise of a golden ladybug, (I think). If there were no black dots, I would not have seen it either, but I saw one without dots before.

Yellow Gladiolus In My World

Yellow Gladiolus
After the lavender gladiolus have come and gone, these beautiful yellow ones came. It had less flowers on its stalk, but the yellow was very rich, and like its sister, this stalk of yellow gladiolus was very wimpy. Lesson from nature you could say; that not all the healthy and strong stalks can beat the weak and small ones.

The intense colors in the sky was also amazing this week when it was not raining or cloudy. We are definitely in fall weather as all the flowers becoming brown and dying out. Not sure if I am ready to embrace the cold, but as life has it, we just have to keep moving forward. Have yourself a wonderful new week..

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Moth 2012

A Pretty Moth On Orange Zinnia
This is a moth, a tiny moth, I swear! It looks so much like a little skipper, or it could be a skipper, I am not sure since there are so many many different species and types of butterflies, moths and skippers.

Yahoo For Small Business

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Lavender Gladiolus In My World

Lavender Gladiolus
This is my first year planting gladiolus and out of 10 bulbs, five survived the hunger of squirrels. I have spent a bit of money investing in moth balls, but these little rascals just went around them, dug up, and ate the bulbs.

These beautiful lavender gladiolus made my heart sing with joy! Yes, five bulbs grew into tall stalks, and these lavender gladiolus were the first to bloom. They were so beautiful, and the amazing thing about this stalk of flowers was that it was not as strong or healthy at all compared to other stalks.

In fact, this stalk was growing on its side, wimpy, and small. The other three healthy, tallest, and bushy stalks didn't produce any flowers, but the wimpiest stalks did.

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The Other Skipper

Darker Color Skipper
As I have mentioned in my Fiery Skipper post, this skipper has a much darker color to its body, but is is just as little as the other one. The darker color skipper wouldn't come any where closer to the white coneflowers either.

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Cutting Edge Website At Your Fingertip

Some years ago I had a desire to learn about computer, desktop publication, HTML, and basic things. Thus, I went to a local College and signed up as a full time student while the children were in school.

I loved it even though my brain was hurting with all the technical terms that I had to memorize and understand their meanings. My favorite class was learning to build Cutting Edge Web Design, and I had so much fun with HTML making my own family website.

Pink Zinnia In My World

Pink Zinnia
My pink zinnia flowers this year came in different shades, shapes, and types. They are always a welcome sign to see when I am pulling up onto my driveway.

The sky has been very dramatic every morning, and my only regret is that I can not find a clear spot to take a photo. I see the sky in my rear mirror of the car! Sometimes, it is bright red, and sometimes, it is a bright glow of orange. And the sun, the sun itself was huge, like a fire ball ready to swallow the earth.

Ironically, when I see this unimaginable beauty in the sky, I am on a busy road taking my son to school. I will just have to find a way to squeeze in a photo or two one of these days.

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Learning New Thing

When I come across something interesting me enough, I want to know in detail what it means, what it does, and what it is. For example, I recently heard of HPOP (high-pressure oil pump) from having my car fixed. 

Many cars are now having the fuel injecting system, which means you don't have to pump the gas pedal when turning the car on. You can put the key in the ignition, turn, and your car will be on. That is one great thing to have, especially for people who live in the colder climate like me, and have an automatic starter.

I can turn my car on ahead of time in the winter to warm it up from the inside of my house with just a push of a button. It is a nice gadget to have, but I really never pay attention to how all of these things work to give me this comfort!

To my understanding, the fuel injection system in my car uses an oil pump to pull the high pressure oil to the electric unit injector. Thus, it helps my car to start up. Without the oil pump working properly, I will not be able to use my automatic starter.

I now have a vague idea on the purpose of what the oil pump does in my car, not thoroughly, but have a little bit more understanding. Registered & Protected

Fiery Skipper 2012

Fiery Skipper
Oh I love this little skipper when they came around to visit! So tiny, and so fast in their flitting! If it didn't stop, I would not be able to take any photo at all. This little skipper is called Fiery, and I didn't make up that name. I looked up on Google.

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