Red Is For Luck

The Cardinal

Nothing makes me feel better than to wake up in the morning with blue sky and sunshine. It energized me instantly, and the day seemed to be happier for some reasons. This cardinal greeted me when looked up. He stood there for a very long time watching me.

Another Beauty

Behind my garage where there wild grape vines, I also noticed that there were two different pairs of cardinal. They stayed close together, flew together, and if one moved so would the other.

Hidden Behind the Branches

This spot became my favorite spot to look for birds, and to claim as my own space to take a breather. To stay out in this weather, I doubled up my clothing, with hat and mittens. Watching the birds, snapped some pictures, and free my mind was all worth the numbness feelings on my fingers.


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Celebrate the Holiday

Merry Christmas
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The Pretty Surprise Dweller

Orange Mum

This was my multi-color mum in the front yard, and no, they were all gone about a month ago. I have to say this was my best purchase ever. When the flowers came, they started out with red buds, and then gradually turned orange, red, and finally yellow.

The Surprise Dweller

Do you see my surprise dweller in the photo above? I noticed it after I upload the pictures to my computer. The critter looked quite interesting, and pretty.

What Am I? Who Am I?

I wish I have seen this critter when snapping the photos! I think she is gorgeous, but who is she, what is she? Does anyone know her identify? I would love to know! Registered & Protected

I spotted A Female Cardinal

The Office of Birds

This tree is the office of the birds on the side of my house. There is always a big gathering and chirping going on in this corner. I like the almost barren tree branches as I could spot the birds easily.

Gray Sky and the Bird

Our weather is gray on most days, with just a tease of sun light here and there. Snow came and went twice already. Did you see the female cardinal sitting pretty on that branch? Is that a female cardinal or have I got it wrong?

Looking At Me

She spotted me, and looked straight at me as I aimed my camera at her! I murmured to my device "zoom, zoom all the way in camera", and it did. Ha ha, I talk to myself lots, do you?

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My Morning Visitors

Morning Visitors

I put out some bird foods in this feeder, and within minutes the birds came for their breakfast. They seem to be hungry, all the time, not just in the winter. I sat quietly a few feet away, stalking them with my camera.

A Face to Love
There are many of birds, on the feeders, on the fence, along the drive way, and in the tree! They fight, they make noise, and they wait for their turn. The smarter birds just eat off the ground and didn't have to wait or fight for their share.

The Model
Some of the birds are very patient, waiting on the branches, so I have my choice to snap! The only bad thing was my point and shoot camera couldn't go any closer for a clearer picture. It is too grainy for my liking.

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White Fence At the Pond

View At the Pond

A simple grateful thought turned heavenwards is the most perfect prayer.
~Doris Lessing

Red Crossing Bridge

Action is the normal completion of the act of will which begins as prayer. That action is not always external, but it is always some kind of effective energy.
~Dean Inge

Reflection In the Water

As a people of faith, we know that prayer is a powerful instrument. And as one Nation under God, we know that many times our most powerful tool is prayer.
~Nick Rahall

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Bee and Red Seeds

Red Ornament On Evergreen

I saw this red seed from the evergreen bush at my brother's house. There were a few of them, and they looked just like ornaments decorating the tree.

Giant Bee Hid Under Zinnia Flower

This year, my flowers around the house got lucky and were visited by this giant bee. I don't think it was the same one every day, but it was this huge. To have a great shot, I often snapped the photo early in the morning, or at night time. This was when the bee immobilized!

Lily of the Valley Seed

The beautiful white lily of the valley flowers were long gone before showing this fantastic red seed. Though I love the flowers, they took over many part of my yard in a short time, and getting rid of them takes some elbow grease.

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