The Beautiful Canadian Geese

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Goose In the Water

When the geese are in the water, it is fun and fascinating to watch. They seem to just glide on top of the water surface with so much ease and enjoyment.

Three On a Row

However, when these geese come on land, you can bet that their droppings will take over everything. Many soccer fields, parks, and picnic destinations in our area just filled of their droppings. It became a disgusting place for the kids to enjoy the outdoors.

A Couple of Geese

Yet, it's the nature of things, and they are God's critters nevertheless. I think they are wonderful to watch on a nice sunny day by the water. These geese were spotted at Bell Isle little canal. They are very aggressive if you have food on your hands, and not afraid to frighten you back into the car.

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  1. They are very aggressive, like the monkeys, over here.

  2. They certainly like being the center of attention. Nothing is more important than them! Pretty shots. Happy Critter Day!

  3. They are graceful and so pretty!

  4. Extremely peaceful, graceful and pretty. A very good catch. I think they're posing for their big moment.

  5. I haven't seen geese in quite some time, but I have heard them honking their sounds in the distance. That sound always makes me want to go and see where they are.

  6. oh, your geese is like our gulls here, they make the rocky beaches smell since that's where they poo, however, maybe I don't stay as often in inland lakes to smell the geese droppings.

  7. They are beautiful creatures, but I prefer when they stay in the water!

  8. I like the reflections in the water.

  9. cute couple, they should be very happy they have each other.


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