White Flowers From Spring

One Small Pretty Blossom

This was another Spring blossom from a huge tree that I saw. I don't know what it called, but the flowers were very small, and beautiful.

Delicate Petals

The entire tree was covered with these delicate blossoms, but I love macro photos so I picked a branch to focus on these little beauties.

Zoom In On the Center

I love the hearts of these flowers. The color and stamens were just amazing with white petals setting around.

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The Beautiful Canadian Geese

Goose In the Water

When the geese are in the water, it is fun and fascinating to watch. They seem to just glide on top of the water surface with so much ease and enjoyment.

Three On a Row

However, when these geese come on land, you can bet that their droppings will take over everything. Many soccer fields, parks, and picnic destinations in our area just filled of their droppings. It became a disgusting place for the kids to enjoy the outdoors.

A Couple of Geese

Yet, it's the nature of things, and they are God's critters nevertheless. I think they are wonderful to watch on a nice sunny day by the water. These geese were spotted at Bell Isle little canal. They are very aggressive if you have food on your hands, and not afraid to frighten you back into the car.

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Another Type of Fungi

A Different Type of Mushroom

Under my evergreen tree, right next to the last post of my mushroom, I saw this one in darker color. After a few rainy days, fungi seemed to come out in great numbers, and varied in shape, sizes, and types.

Growing Tall

I don't know what this mushroom called, and I didn't touch it for I worried about the poisonous aspect of things I don't know. I like the brownish color on this one and the sun light was just perfect on it.

Pattern From Underneath

After seeing the pattern from the other mushroom, I couldn't help but look for more! From where I was looking, the pattern underneath its umbrella has the feel of paper. Maybe, I will touch it next time, or next year, just to find out for sure!

Happy Thanksgiving 2011! 

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Cherry Flowers

Pretty Blossoms

I just needed to see some thing beautiful these last few days, so I went and dug up my archives. These pretty blossoms seemed to do the trick with their delicate petals, and soft colors.

A Branch of Blooms

So far we have many gray days here, and I'm going through a withdrawn without sun light and colors. It is still a long way for us to go until winter passes through.

Close-Up Shots

I find myself happier being with flowers and nature. There is peace, harmony and purity that just seemed to rub off on me and my mind is at ease by this surrounding.

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Delilah The Bunny


The boy: "mom, how old is Delilah?"
Mom: "she is one year, and a few months old."
The boy: "can she have baby yet?"
Mom: "hmmm...can we let her goes wild in the yard?"

Aussie Hair Care Products

This is my personal view and opinion on these Aussie hair care products. First of all, I love the smell of these products for their citrusy. In other words, they smell good, unlike most others that have a touch chemical spree!

I was in search for some hair care products since my hair tends to be on the static side in the winter. I just wanted something to keep the hair out of my face, and stayed where it supposed to be. These darn things are expensive, and after smelling some other products, I decided to purchased this Aussie line of items.

I couldn't wait to try these out, so after my shower, I read the direction, followed to the tee, and yuck...my hair was a mess! The instant freeze didn't freeze, the sprunch didn't catch the wave, and the mega hold didn't hold.

These products were very disappointing to me, and my hair behaved much better without them. I am not a regular user for any hair care product, but since I just have my hair chopped for Lock of Love, it is on the short side and needs some tidy up.

Now you have it, I go first so you don't have to!

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Wings On Yellow Flower

Hover Fly on Black Eyed Susan

This beautiful black eyed Susan didn't do well this year for lack of sun light. We had too many rainy days this summer, and cold temperature. Many flowers became half-grown naturally!

Wings On Yellow Flower

Although the flowers were suffering from its growth, hover flies were in plenty of numbers this year. They enjoyed very much all types of flowers around.

Half-Grown Black Eyed Susan

As you can see, this black eyed Susan only grown on one side, and the other flower petals part were all curled up. However, since I'm a strange person, I seek out things like this to photograph, because I think they are the simple beauty of nature.

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Mushroom Pushing Up the Dirt

After we had three consecutive days of rain, I found this mushroom pushed up the dirt under my evergreen tree! Actually, I found two different types of these fungi. I will post the other in next time.

Mushroom View From the Bottom

As I examined this mushroom closer, I saw interesting lines underneath the cap. Without disturbing it, I pointed my camera up and took a shot. I just love how they formed such an amazing pattern.

Upside Down View of Mushroom

Oh it was exciting for me to find another one completely upside down hid underneath some leaves. I couldn't believe my eyes to see the pattern and texture of this mushroom. It was my great discovery, and I didn't understand why I never thought of "what lies beneath" before.

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A Gorgeous Bug

What Am I?
These photos were from my archive. I have totally forgotten about this amazing and strange looking bug that I saw in the summer. It was hidden underneath some leaves in my garden.

What Are Those Orange Dots?

You know, when you were busy observing something as fascinating as this bug, you forgot to shoot, right? That was me! By the time I remembered to snap some pictures, the bug went away!

Such a Pretty Bug
I still don't know what this bug was, but it was pretty! I like the orange dots on the top of its body, and the beautiful pattern on its wings.

Have a great weekend..

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Blue Eyed Daisy Flower

Blue Eye Daisy Just Opens Up

There are so many types of daisies, and this one is called blue eyed daisy according to the stake that comes in the container. The heart is blue, with purple streaking around it.

White Blue Eyed Daisy

I often see this blue eyed daisy at the market early in spring, and in many different colors such as purple, yellow, deep pink, and red! Yes, the heart is still blue like this one photo.

Full Bloomed Blue Eyed Daisy

I know, summer is over, and we are getting ready for winter, but my flower archives will help the cold months feel less rigid. I'm sure somewhere around the world, people will still have blooming flowers to share.

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