Thank God For Zinnia

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Growing Zinnia

Well, it is almost the end of October, but my zinnia flower is still growing! It has a tint of orange color on the tips of the petals, and creamy yellow throughout. So really, thank God for zinnia!

Raindrops On Evergreen

It has been raining and this branch of evergreen is full of raindrops. I take a break when the rain slow down and look for things to shoot.

Gorgeous Colors Zinnia

After the rain, I saw this gorgeous zinnia in bloom with its two tone colors of yellow and orange. The weather has been cold, and I thought it would be wilted, but it was still growing strong! So really, again, thank God for zinnia to brighten up my world.

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  1. you always take beautiful pictures Icy, thanks God for the gift of zinnia's beauty, thanks God for the your gift of capturing them beautifully and generously sharing to us.

  2. your photos are really fantastic looking. it breath taking.

  3. Beautiful!! I love the colors of the last zinnia. They are such beautiful flowers.

  4. Love the raindrop capture and the colors in the last shot, beautiful!

  5. I like your macros very well ....
    LG: Karin

  6. Those rain drops are amazing! Gorgeous shots!

  7. I love your zinnia. Lovely photos. I need to remember to plant some next summer.

  8. What a beautiful flower indeed!!

    Great shot...

  9. Rain or shine, the zinnia is a glorious flower!

  10. Your flowers are always gorgeous. I would love to see a photo book of just your shots.


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