A Tiny Hover Fly On Cilantro Flowers

Cilantro Flowers

Cilantro is a herb that I tried to grow this summer, and all I got were these little beautiful white flowers. The little hover fly loved these and visited them all the time. The cilantro didn't grow well and just went straight into seeds.

Hover Fly Spreads Its Wings

Summer is over now, and the hover fly went away now. These lovely little white flowers were very small, and amazing to see. I would have been happier to have fresh cilantro to eat, but I have to sacrifice one for the other. Either way is just dandy!

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From Marching Band to Soccer Game

Arriving at Destination

It was a crazy weekend we had, rain and cold! My son had to be in the marching band for the high school homecoming, even though it was pouring rain for two consecutive days. As a worried mom, I just wished real hard for it to cancel. No such luck! The students had to line up and march on.

To Soccer Match

He had a few hours off to take a warm shower after the marching band, and then we headed to our soccer match. The wind was howling and blowing! It was freezing cold. Many parents shouldered this bitter weather by wrapping themselves in the blanket and sat outside. Many chose to stay inside the car, and I was included in the later group.

Shooting Through the Windshield

As you can see in the photo, many players wore hat. I packed for JoJo a pair of gloves, but forgot the hat. Luckily, we had a bit of sunshine later that day, but his cheeks were red like cherries after the game.

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Intimate Moment of Bees

Two Beautiful Little Bees

Are you ready? Take a peep at the photo above, and the photos below. You're looking at private moments of these little critters! They are bees to me, and they are hover flies to the world. However you want to perceive them!

Belly Up

These little bees love the yellow mustard flowers that grew in my brother's garden. They entertained me so with their frenzy, and quite amazing to watch. They didn't bother me even though they were all over this area.

The Nature of Life

There is nothing wrong with taking a peek at this intimate moment. It is all very natural for them to produce new life, and doing what they do best. "Bee" busy!!

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Thank God For Zinnia

Growing Zinnia

Well, it is almost the end of October, but my zinnia flower is still growing! It has a tint of orange color on the tips of the petals, and creamy yellow throughout. So really, thank God for zinnia!

Raindrops On Evergreen

It has been raining and this branch of evergreen is full of raindrops. I take a break when the rain slow down and look for things to shoot.

Gorgeous Colors Zinnia

After the rain, I saw this gorgeous zinnia in bloom with its two tone colors of yellow and orange. The weather has been cold, and I thought it would be wilted, but it was still growing strong! So really, again, thank God for zinnia to brighten up my world.

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Little White Flowers With Yellow Center

Pretty Little White Flowers

These little white flowers were found at the Belle Isle Conservatory, and I failed to locate their name. My first reaction was to just snap some pictures, and then look for the tag afterward. However, the thought quickly disappeared!

A Branch Full of Flowers

I like the mix of green and white petals on this branch. For me, it is easy to spend time looking for the right angle and lighting before I take the picture, but when I'm with the kids, that was not possible.

Yellow Center In White Flowers

I have returned to the Belle Isle Conservatory a few times, but these little beautiful white flowers were nowhere to be found, as the Conservatory constantly replaced their collection as season changed.

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Simple Beauty of Nature

Hover Fly On Grass Weed

I miss summer already even though I also enjoy the colors of autumn. Looking at this little hover fly on the simple grass weed, I wish summer would last longer so I can watch little critters dancing about and flying around.

Beautiful Colors On the Hover Fly's Wings

When the sunlight was on the right direction, this pretty little hover fly shown its colorful wings. I don't know if it has ever stung anyone since I actually saw a stinger, but I love photographing this critter.

Spreading Wings

This hover fly loved all kind of wild flowers, grass weed, including my zinnia, and herb flowers. We are now way in the middle of October, so there are no more critters to see. I can't say that I'm looking forward to winter because it is too gloomy here in Michigan.

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Soccer Match Sunday

Concentrating On the Ball

We traveled to Bloomfield Hills for our Sunday soccer match, and it was a very beautiful day with warm weather. The field was surrounded with trees and foliage, which in transition with pretty autumn colors.

Wedged between two opponents, JoJo's concentration was vividly shown even though my little camera couldn't zoom in anymore.

Swamped by Four Other Opponents

JoJo's was heavily guarded, and always had at least three to four other players trailing him at all time. After three years of being oppressed by other coach, he finally gained back his confidence and skills. Being a parent, I can't tell you how happy I am to see my son performs at his best level.

Slick Move

I just love this picture, because it showed the expression on the other player's face, by a slick move JoJo made. This kid had been elbowing JoJo since the beginning, and the referee had to warn him a few times. I'm proud to say that JoJo handled the situation diplomatically. He also scored the only goal to win the game for us, and currently the leading scorer on the team.

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Green Damselfly Dancing

Green Critter Begins the Dance

I chased-actually crawled on over the grass-to take pictures of this green damselfly, while my mother looked on as if I have lost my mind! She was too shocked to say anything, and just watched.

Pretty Double-Decker Pink Zinnia

Double-Decker Pink Zinnia

Everything is ready to go dormant for the winter. Most of my flowers were either dried or withered with the chilly weather we have going into late September. However, zinnia flowers seemed to last much longer than others.

Sleeping Bee On Zinnia 

This regular dweller stopped by every night to take refuge, and he wouldn't leave until the sun light came warming up. You can shake the flower, but he just won't budge.

Beautiful Double-Decker Zinnia

The baby pink color of this zinnia is just so pretty. Soft and light! This year I had two different colors of double-decker pink zinnia flowers. Pink on pink, and red on pink! I certainly enjoy watching them grow.

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Pretty White Flowers

White Flowers Bush

I have no idea what these little beautiful white flowers called, but they grew in bush like that was carefully trimmed.

One Perfect Circle

For some reasons when I'm with other people, I felt totally inadequate and uncomfortable to take pictures of things. My worst nightmare is taking pictures of people since the photos turned out not as they wanted to see or expect.

The Other Side

These are some quick shots of the white flowers. There were no little critters on them at all. I thought they are pretty, and if I had more time I would have done a better job at photographing them.

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Skipper Resting On Pink Zinnia

A Group of Zinnia
Although my zinnia flowers came late this year, they still produced many fantastic flowers in assorted colors. From orange, red, yellow to pink, the joy of seeing them blooming are un-measureable!

Skipper On Pink Zinnia
This little skipper loved the pink zinnia most, and often came back for quick visit. However, my camera and the weather didn't co-operate when the skipper stopped for a drink.

Skipper Looking at Me
I couldn't come any closer for a macro shot. The skipper looked straight at me when there was a slight movement, and then took off.

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