Little White Flower Bush

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

White Flower Bush

This beautiful little white flower bush was found by my brother's fence. I thought it was Queen Anne's lace, but it was not because the leaves were totally different.

Butterfly Flowers?

This little white flower was a heaven for many tiny bees or hover flies! Later I found out that this bush grew wildly by fence and came back every year.

Pretty Little Flowers

Well, if you know what this bush is called, do let me know! It is always a plus to learn something new. Could it be butterfly bush?

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  1. I really liked your pictures ..
    LG: Karin

  2. What lovely soft!

  3. its pretty! my butterfly bush has spire shaped flowers, not round like these--hope you find out:)

  4. am not so sure about the flower's ID either because I do not see the leaves, it looks like a milkweed or a northern yarrow. it sure is beautiful.

  5. No idea about its name, but you have captured it so well. I like the focus. :)

  6. The flowers are very pretty, similar to the queen anne's lace but different.

  7. Looks like the bishop's flower to me. Hope it'll help.


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