Action Shots

Going After the Ball

One of my goals this year is to try learning to take action photos, such as at my son's soccer games. My camera is just a point and shoot one, but it does have some options such as sport mode, ISO settings, and some scenery choices.

All Running

Well, some time the game got too excited, but my camera couldn't handle the quick action, and then there was the problem with battery dying if I kept the camera opened. I haven't learned anything concrete on action shooting yet.

Fighting For the Ball

I know many of you have DLSR camera, and fantastic lens, which give you more room to play with shooting action, but any tips on general lighting, ISO, aperture, or shutter speed I would love to learn from you.

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Wild Feverfew Flowers

Wild Feverfew Flowers

I found these feverfew flowers in my backyard, growing underneath a shaded tree, and along the side of my garage! I have this wild flowers-feverfew-for many years now, and they multiply, seeded themselves in odd places.

Feverfew flowers are very pretty to see, and look a bit like daisy. They are known as traditional medicinal herb, and used to treat migraine headaches, arthritis and rheumatism.

A Bee On Me

These feverfew flowers often attract hover flies, bees, and other wing critters! Some of these flowers keep growing until late in September or until the first frost arrives.

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Hanging Upside Down

Little Bee On a Weed Flower

This is the same weed flower that grew profoundly around my yard. I plugged them, and they came right back up, and I don't use any chemical to remove them since we had children around.

Hanging Upside Down

This hover fly, which I called tiny little bee, loved the flowers. They hung around these weed flowers all the time, and gave me opportunity to observe them up close.

Elegant Weed Flower

Enjoy the beauty of nature, wandering around, get down on the grass, and find some simple pleasure in your surroundings. It might surprise you to know that even weed flowers hold its own amazement and leave you breathless at times.

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Early Morning

Almost Frozen Sunflower Bud

With had so much rain this last two weeks, and colder weather took its toll on my sunflowers. This yellow bud thrived despite the fact that it was nearly frozen, and many critters have left long ago.

Macro Shot of One Perfect Water Droplet

I like to spend time in my backyard early in the morning, and practice my shots of reflection in the water droplet. This one held a reflection of a green tree, and just perfectly beautiful. Many flowers in my yard have withered.

Going Against the Weather

When the sun finally came out in the afternoon, so was my yellow sunflower! It went against the cold weather, and bloomed! Survivor, it is!

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Little White Flower Bush

White Flower Bush

This beautiful little white flower bush was found by my brother's fence. I thought it was Queen Anne's lace, but it was not because the leaves were totally different.

Butterfly Flowers?

This little white flower was a heaven for many tiny bees or hover flies! Later I found out that this bush grew wildly by fence and came back every year.

Pretty Little Flowers

Well, if you know what this bush is called, do let me know! It is always a plus to learn something new. Could it be butterfly bush?

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Orange Dragonfly

One dragonfly came landing right on the handle of garden tool, and for the life of me, I snapped, snapped, clicked, and clicked! I had to delete them all, except for one. It flew away, and came back, still parked on the top of my garden tool as if it knew I wanted desperately for a decent picture.

This was the only orange dragonfly I saw this year around our yard, and it was such a sweet treat.

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Saving a Monarch

Short Video of Monarch In Spider Web

Here is a short video my JoJo captured, and insisted on saving this monarch!

Tattered Wings

This poor monarch butterfly's wing was all torn and ripped! After getting the monarch out of the spider web, JoJo put it on my pink zinnia immediately.

We kept close eyes on this butterfly for a while without interfering, and watched it struggling with slow movement.

Trying to Recover

Can you see how bad one of the wings was? The important part of this monarch's body was unharmed and I knew it would just take time for it to find its way.

Moving Around

Sure enough, after a few minutes, the monarch made it way to another part of the zinnia plant. JoJo felt much better about this ordeal. When we came back from soccer practice, the butterfly was no longer there. We looked, no butterfly anywhere on the ground!

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Three Is a Crowd

I am back watching the yellow mustard flower patch in the back of my brother's house, and the tiny bees are also back, busy with the nature of things in their lives.

Right in front of my eyes, the bees get on with their business, fighting to win the right to mate. The loser goes on finding different thing to occupy himself/herself.

The couple went ahead with their mating, flying from flower to flower. The yellow mustard flowers are blooming still even it is near the end of August.

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Green, Red, and Blue Soccer Uniform

We were on three different clubs in three consecutive years! Actually, JoJo played for three different clubs these past three years due to my inability to find the perfect match for him. Something always went wrong, and JoJo lost his thrive to play hard for the only sport that he so loves.

Raising a child and nurturing his/her enthusiasm for life is hard enough so when dealing with outside force, it became even harder. JoJo has talents and skills! However, there are also politics and favorism in existence with coaches at every stage of life. I'm hoping this year, this club is the right one for him, especially since he loves his new blue uniform! Registered & Protected

Beetle Attacks

Trail of Destruction From the Beetle

This beetle is eating its way through my orange zinnia, and leaving a trail of destruction! I had to cut the flower off to prevent the damage to other plants and flowers nearby. Already, I saw little egg-like thingy on the leaves under the flower head, and it wasn't a pretty sight.

Bye-Bye Beetle

As soon as the flower was tossed, the squirrel shred the flower apart and was gone in no time! I can tell you that squirrels around here are also very destructive critters too. For some reasons, they like to just cut off my flower heads if they can get to them.

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