Green Damselfly

Green Damselfly
 Mama watches as I crawl on the grass
Chasing, following this beautiful green damselfly
Truly you can't tell who is more fascinating to see
The girl in the grass, or the mother that watches me!

God provides an abundant of things to discover
Some up high in the sky and some under our feet
Big or small depends on how you want to see it
My green damselfly taught me to appreciate life!

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Into the Blue

Coming onto the field, JoJo's team looked good and strong but once the game started, the team fell apart. They held back, had no energy, and not given much effort. The line-up then changed resulting in a weak defense and mid-field. And yes, we had so many practices and scrimmages these last few weeks before the game.

We parents stayed positive and encouraging as this is a brand new team putting together about six weeks ago. We had so many reasons and excuses for why we couldn't score that we ended up just laugh about it. Do you know that you could get high blood pressure just watching the games or have an anxiety attack? :-) Registered & Protected

Deptford Pink Flower With a Tiny Bee

This is a wild grass flower called Deptford Pink, or Dianthus Armeria and commonly known as grass pink! It is a tiny little flower that grows among the grass in my backyard. It blooms in July, and only lasts for a few days.

The deptford pink usually takes refuge under other plants, and only opens when there is sunlight. You see, I spent quite a lot of time observing this little beauty when my mind is filled with fragment thoughts.

This flower might look like the Little Lavender Flower I saw at the cemetery, but it is not!

And yes, here is another photo of the tiny little bee again! I'm that odd, but happy with this surprise. Also, I have been told that this is not a bee, but rather a hover fly, by Squirrel Queen, and by a commenter, zBugNerd, who went in great length to explain the differences between the fly and the bee. I really appreciate the information by both!

Ok, here comes however, I'm having a hard time preferring to it as a fly, since the body is exactly of a bee! I also see a stinger on its buttock :-). In any case, this little creature is quite fascinating to see.

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Last Minute Practices

We were back on the field for the last two practices/scrimmages this week. Our tournament is going to kick off on Friday night, and I would have to be in and out of the house for the entire weekend. Luckily, the tournament is locally so I don't have to travel.

I didn't kid you when I said in Training for The Waterfront Soccer Tournament, that the girls were much bigger than the boys. You can see JoJo and the girl he had to trail after in the lower left corner photo. The difference is quite amazing! Milk, JoJo, you have to drink more milk... Registered & Protected

White Flower And a Bee

Fancy Little White Flowers

I have no idea what these pretty wild white flowers were, but just know that they were delicate looking, and pleasant to discover. Every summer, there are new things to see and learn, even right in my own backyard, and I think this is when we should give credit to the birds and the bees.

Pretty Little White Flower and A Bee

While admiring the flowers, this little bee landed on another branch right next to it. Lucky me, I got one chance to capture it before it flew away. I love how the colors in the wings shine under the sun light. Happy weekend, everyone!

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Training For the Waterfront Soccer Tournament

soccer practice
Time has elapsed, and it is now five days since I last posted anything on this blog! Reasons for this are numerous, and I couldn't tell which one is more legitimate to use as an excuse. Nah, forget it. I'm sharing with you a variety of "not-so-good" pictures of JoJo at soccer practices.

He is preparing for the Waterfront Soccer Tournament, which coming up on August 19, so we have been out on the field these last three weeks, two to three times a week. These boys are new to each other, and they are Under 13 boys division, but so far they have beaten girls Under 14 and Under 13 during scrimmage.

Oh don't laugh, the girls at this stage are twice the sizes of the boys, and they have been with each other for a couple of years already. Registered & Protected

The Nature of Life

Nope, this is not an alien bee with four wings, but rather bees doing what nature has intended! Landing in front of my camera, this couple has no care for my present!

It was a busy time for these tiny little bees, and they were everywhere in their intimate moment. I'm an intruder, but it was not my intention as I was minding my own business of photographing the yellow mustard flowers.

It is the nature of life, and the bees wanted me to know so! They gave me permission and an experience to sharpen my skill of taking the photos.

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No Man V. Food TV Show For Us

There is one show on television that I refused to watch, and yes I know you don't care, but I thought it is worth mentioning. Man V. Food Nation with Adam Richman! I won't even allow it to air in my house, and the kids have to change it as soon as it is on.

I am that extreme because it sends out wrong messages about food, health, and attitude. I have nothing against Adam Richman personally, and he seems like a decent guy. However, stuffing foods down your throat when you are overweight is wrong and unhealthy.

Image Credit
America is known to be on the obese side, which includes many children and adults! When we have show like this, we are saying it is alright and fun, and entertaining. So go ahead, just eat, and then one day you will be famous like Adam Richman.

Different folks, different strokes! This Man V. Food Nation tv show is definitely a wrong stroke for me. I just don't want to watch him have a heart attack, and I don't want my kids to think it is ok to do that to their body. Registered & Protected

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