Inside the Heart of a Rose

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A tiny bee in the heart of a rose
This is the rose in my backyard, and the tiny bee is an added bonus to brighten my day. The bee is the size of a mosquito, but with the macro function on the camera it becomes a giant. All the roses are gone now, leaving lots of green leaves that have begun to turn colors.

Heart of a red rose
I had no intention of taking pictures since I've done that every year already. However, there is always something new in the same rose, such as this amazing heart of this flower. Under the different sun light, each flower has a different color, and hold a unique beauty on its own.

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  1. The bee looks so pretty against the red background.

  2. Gorgeous macros!! I love photographing hoverflies (which I'm pretty sure is what your 'bee' is!) because there are so many species and they are all so different. We have about six varieties which visit our garden and they do love the heart of our roses.

    Love the second shot. That looks like a gorgeous rose!

  3. One day I am going to have a camera like that :( beautiful shots BC so, detailed. I couldn't do that with my low tech camera :D

  4. these are both gorgeous and magical captures!

  5. I don't know what those little bees are called but I always think they are so pretty! Nice capture!

  6. Nice shots, especially the first one.


  7. Wow! I am beyond words on this one, it is amazing!!!

  8. You are so wonderful! I love the
    "famous bloggers" - my only claim to fame, I guess, thanks to you, my sweet friend!

  9. That last one looks like something from outer space. I remember seeing some stars pictures and they look very similar. Well caught!


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