Yellow Mustard Flower and a Bee

Tiny bee on yellow mustard flower
I did warn you that I'm obsessed with this tiny little bee, didn't I? Really, it found me and I didn't even have to look for it! Maybe the obsession was reversed, and the bee had a crush on me instead.

Mustard flower and a bee
The tiny bee presents itself everywhere I took pictures, and I will post a series of these photos in the upcoming dates. These images were taken in June and I haven't touched my camera since then. Time, opportunity, and mind are on their separate schedules lately!

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How to Add Special Fonts to Your Blog

Blogger is getting better and better every day! It offers easy way to install a favicon on your blog, and now if you explore, you can even add special font to it. I remembered just a few months ago, I had to look into the HTML part of my blog, and add special code so my title would have a special font.

Many of us are not that savvy with coding, or know exactly where to look to install it. So if you are interest it, you can do so with easy step below.
  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Click on on Design
  3. Select Template Design
  4. Click Advance
  5. Scroll down, almost at the end, look for Post Font, Title Font or Link Bar Text Font
  6. Select the one you want to change
  7. Then select the font that catch your liking
  8. Save your template, and you are done
I'm loving blogger for all of these easy features! It saves me so much time, and headache. Registered & Protected

Pretty Little Lavender Flower and a Bee

Out in the open field at a cemetery, where I come to visit my father, these most amazing little lavender flowers grew in patches. I have come here many years, but this was the first time I saw them and took notice.

And my obsession with this tiny little bee also increased! The colors on its wings were my attraction and fascinate me. I have spent hours trying to catch the perfect moment but was well spent.

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Blogger Offers New Email Subscription Gadget

Have you noticed the many new features that Blogger offered? If it wasn't for creating my new blogs, I would have missed these gadgets since I already have them on my blogs!

Years ago, if you want to offer Email Subscription to your readers, you have to sign up at Feedburner, look for the HTML codes, and install it on your blog. It was confusing and required patience.

Now, all you have to do is just with a few clicks.

1) Sign into your account
2) Go to Design
3) Click on Add a Page Element
4) Select Email Subscription from the pop-up window
5) Save your template, and you are done

Moreover, it is also easy to view how many subscribers you have.

1) Go to Design
2) Click on Edit in Follow by Email gadget
3) Click on View Stats and Learn More
4) In a pop up window, you will see the number of subscriber you have for the blog

There is no need to sign up, no headache, no HTML to deal with, and everyone can do this. Blogger is getting better and better every day, and I'm loving it. Registered & Protected

Inside the Heart of a Rose

A tiny bee in the heart of a rose
This is the rose in my backyard, and the tiny bee is an added bonus to brighten my day. The bee is the size of a mosquito, but with the macro function on the camera it becomes a giant. All the roses are gone now, leaving lots of green leaves that have begun to turn colors.

Heart of a red rose
I had no intention of taking pictures since I've done that every year already. However, there is always something new in the same rose, such as this amazing heart of this flower. Under the different sun light, each flower has a different color, and hold a unique beauty on its own.

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Harry Potter, The Finale

Are you ready for the midnight opening movie of Harry Porter: The Deadly Hallows? My two sons are! They plan on attending this phenomenon series among hundreds/thousands of people across the map.

I was invited to come along but I'm not sure if I can stay up way past my bedtime or have the energy to maneuver with the crowd. Growing old sucks! I did, however, enjoy watching the trailer below.

By the way, while searching to buy tickets online for my sons, I found that is offering two tickets for the price of one on Friday on any movie, especially just for VISA card holders. That means you will save quite a bit of money.

For families with small children, Winnie the Pooh is also debut tomorrow! Registered & Protected

How To Install a Favicon On Your Blog

Good news, my fellow bloggers! You can now install a favicon on your blog without looking for HTML, or code, or doing much of anything. Here is a photo I chose for my site, and I have resized it to 125x125.

If you haven't notice that little gadget in your blogger account, here are the easiest ways to go ahead and make your blog stands out:

1) Sign into your account
2) Click on "Design"
3) Look for that "Favicon" right underneath Add and Arrange Page Elements
4) Click on that link
5) Re-size your favorite photo to 125x125 in your photo software first
6) Upload your saved 125x125
7) Save it and you're done.

It couldn't be easier than this! You will see a little icon right next to your blog address. It gives that personal touch for your blog among hundreds of others. Registered & Protected

Beyond Gentle Wind

Welcome to my new space! In an effort to find some type of order in my life, I've decided to take down some doors, but also open new ones with a clearer vision and direction.

Since having four websites with four different identities, I spent way too much time and energy visiting other blogs, and leaving comments as four different persons on the same blog. I have run myself ragged!

Life changes, and I have less time on my hand as I am now looking in on my elderly mother more often. 

I created Beyond Zephyr and Beyond Wandering under the same identity. This will help me cutting down time on signing in different accounts, easier to manage my blogs, and comment as one person!

You probably want to know why I have three blogs since I complaint about limited time and all. Well, it is my way to keep life expenses meet, and I love writing!

Now that explanation is out of the way, I hope you will enjoy visiting me here. Registered & Protected

Email Me

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Thank you for your understanding, and best wishes to you!


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My Porfolio

My father said that as soon as I knew how to hold a pen/pencil, I started to write (okay, doodling) every where. If the wall was off limit for the moment, then the floor became my playground!

I've always been fond of writing! It is very therapeutic to me, and brings out my creativity, not to mention my imagination.

If you are interested in reading what I wrote, or just want to check out my portfolio, you can find them here:

1) Yahoo! Voice--I have 54 articles on this website, and planning on continuing whenever I have time.

2) Triond--I have more than 200 articles/poems on this website. 

3) Helium--I have 37 articles on this website, sold at least 3 articles to market place already, but I don't like their system.  In order to get paid for your writing, you have to read and rate other's work every day, or else you don't get a penny!

4) RedGage--This is the place where I share my love for photography

5) Bubblews--I am currently and actively writing at this website since February.

Besides writing for the above websites, you can find me blogging at these websites:

My Wordpress blog: Pragmatic Soul Registered & Protected

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