Goldfinch On Sunflowers

I grew a row of sunflowers in the back wall of my dwelling, and my intention was to attract goldfinches to the neighborhood. They came, ate, and calling for others to come. I miss seeing my backyard birds since I can't put up feeders.

Like clockwork, the Goldfinch came. Sometimes, there are many of them feeding on different sunflowers. They have lots of choices to hop from one flower to the next.

Usually, they would wait for the sunflower seeds to mature, but this year, they smarted-up and have eaten the young seeds instead. Registered & Protected

Baby Killdeers

It was four years ago that I saw a killdeer bird in the neighborhood. I have moved, and this will be my second year in a new one. My condo complex and the adjacent one in the back is not a suitable environment for many wildlife critters.

However, once in awhile I saw a blue jay, or a cardinal, or a woodpecker, I get all excited. I knew their signature voice by heart.

On my way home one day, I saw a group of baby killdeers crossing the road, and I had to stop in the middle of traffic waiting for them, plus took snapshots.

They were so fuzzy and cute! I am glad that this family of killdeers were a success and healthy. Since then, I haven't seen them again. Registered & Protected

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