The Amazing Kindness of Human During Hard Time

Since the lockdown in March, we rarely go out, except to buy food, and have not getting together with family and friends either.

I was hoping to sail through this period of time without any problems, but my house decided to add spice to it. First, the toilet flush won't stop running! We, my son and I, tried everything, so the easy fixing was to shut off the water supply. Done! Will ride through this for now, so I thought.

Extra Self-Care Things You Can Do
I hope everyone is well, and healthy! With the pandemic crisis, I am passed my second weeks "sheltered at home". I am not in a panic or anything, but I abide the law.

Food and water were bought during the first day of madness. Luckily, I have my son, with young legs, running around different stores to secure what we need for at least two weeks should we face such measure!

I hoped from sites to sites, checking on local groups, and watching the news everyday. Thus, I picked up some tips on how to take care if I develop symptoms.

Happy 2020

Wishing all a great New Year!

Christmas 2019

Wishing all my blogging friends and visitors a great Christmas! May your time fills with love, gratitude and blessings!

In Mourning and Remembring

I haven't updates for more than three weeks now, since I am in mourning time, and my mind isn't in a good place.

The last parent in my life, MY MOM, passed away on November 1 and went home to the Lord at 93 years old. We knew the day will come, but once it came, we were still in shock.

It doesn't matter how much you have prepared your mind for the final farewell; it still hit you like a ton of boulder! I am going through the good times, bad times, frustration times, and regretting times everyday.

In the end, her peaceful and beautiful death comforted me that she never has to suffer anymore, and that one day we will re-united in faith.

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